The 74th Annual Meeting of The Japan Wood Research Society


Oral Presentations

Date: March 13th (Wednesday) morning & afternoon and March 15th (Friday) morning

Venue: Kyoto University Faculty of Agriculture Main Bldg and Maskawa Building for Education and Research (North Campus

Poster Presentations

Date and time (poster display period): March 14th (Thursday) morning
The presentation section will be divided into two groups and will be held in two rotations, the first half and the second half.

Venue: Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall (Main Campus


Oral Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations are to be primarily conducted on-site. Should you have unavoidable circumstances, please consult with the conference secretariat at

To facilitate the online streaming of oral presentations, it is fundamental to connect to WiFi (eduroam) and share your screen via your PC using a ZOOM webinar (the shared screen will be projected via the venue's PC to the projector). Below are the specific precautions:

(1) Using WiFi (eduroam) (This is the standard method)
Connect your PC to ZOOM and start sharing your presentation screen before beginning your presentation.
Please install ZOOM software in advance and connect to WiFi (eduroam).
At the next speaker's seat, please prepare in advance to ensure smooth access to ZOOM via Confit.
If you have an eduroam account, please set it up yourself.
For those who do not have an eduroam account, a connection ID and password will be provided at the next speaker's seat.

(2) In cases where WiFi (eduroam) cannot be used (e.g., if its use is prohibited by your institution)
Connect your PC to the projector using an HDMI or VGA cable to start presenting (this follows the traditional presentation format).
Please ensure your PC can connect via HDMI or VGA ports.
If an adapter is required, please prepare it yourself (pay attention to resolution settings if using a Mac PC).

★ Other Precautions (for both scenarios (1) and (2))
  • We recommend using a 16:9 ratio for presentation slides.
  • Audio will be broadcasted from the venue's PC, so please set your PC's microphone and speakers to OFF.
  • To prepare for any issues with the above methods, please copy your presentation slides onto a USB flash drive (type-A).

Poster Presentation Guidelines

  • Poster presentations will primarily be in-person. However, to avoid crowding at the venue and to ensure a sufficient display period, we will also use the Confit e-poster system.
  • In-person poster presentations will be divided into two sessions (morning and afternoon) with poster changes in between.
In-person Posters: March 14 (Thu) from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM (two sessions)
e-Posters: Utilizing the Confit e-poster system
Upload Deadline: March 7 (Thu) by 5:00 PM
Display Period: March 12 (Tue) 12:00 PM to March 17 (Sun) 5:00 PM
(Questions are recommended to be posted by March 15, and answers by March 16)

In-person Poster Presentation

March 14 (Thu) Venue opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 1:30 PM

First Half:
9:00 – 9:15 AM Poster setup time
9:15 – 10:30 AM Presentation time
10:45 AM Poster removal must be completed
Presentation Sections: A – I

Second Half:
10:45 – 11:00 AM Poster setup time
11:00 AM – 12:15 PM Presentation time for the afternoon session
12:30 PM Poster removal must be completed
Presentation Sections: K – R

Exhibit Space
Each poster should be 90 cm wide × 120 cm tall
*Pushpins will be provided at the venue.

e-Poster Presentation

e-Poster Upload Instructions
  • Presenters should follow the e-poster manual upload instructions at the URL below and upload the electronic file of their poster to the Confit system by 5:00 PM on March 7.
e-Poster Manual (Upload Instructions)
  • If you fail to meet the upload deadline, your e-poster will not be displayed.
  • As a rule, please upload the same poster used for the in-person presentation. (Minor revisions are acceptable)

Viewing, Questioning, and Answering for e-Posters
  • The method for viewing, questioning, and answering posters is available in the e-poster manual (for viewers) at the URL below.
e-Poster Manual (for Viewers) URL:
  • The e-poster display period is from March 12 (Tue) at 12:00 PM to March 17 (Sun) at 5:00 PM.
  • It is recommended to post questions to posters by March 15.
  • Presenters are encouraged to check for questions on their posters and post answers by March 16.