The Japan Society of Applied Physics

[G-7-3] High-Speed Multilevel Resistive RAM using RTO WOX

W. C. Chien1,2, Y. C Chen1, E. K. Lai1,3, Y. Y. Lin1, K. P. Chang1, Y. D. Yao2, P. Lin2, S. F. Horng3, J. Gong3, S. C. Tsai1, C. H. Lee1, S. H. Hsieh1, C. F. Chen1, Y. H. Shih1, K. Y. Hsieh1, R. Liu1, C. Y. Lu1 (1.Macronix Int'l Co., Ltd.(Taiwan), 2.National Chiao Tung Univ.(Taiwan), 3.National Tsing Hua Univ.(Taiwan))