The 17th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry

Chairperson's Address

      It is my great pleasure to welcome all the participants and presenters to the 17th symposium of Biofunctional Chemistry, which has been launched by the Division of Biofunctional Chemistry and the Division of Biotechnology, the Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ), since 2003.  As you know, the pandemic (COVID-19) caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) since the end of 2019~the beginning of 2022 has brought about serious effects on previous symposiums of Biofunctional Chemistry.  I would like to express my gratitude to all the members of organizing committees and participants of previous symposiums for their great effort and contributions.

     After being appointed as members of the organizing committee of the 17th symposium, we have been closely monitoring the infection situations in Japan and overseas.  Because the categorization of COVID-19 has been downgraded from “Class 2" to "Class 5" in Japan very recently, we have decided to hold the 17th symposium in person at the Noda Campus of Tokyo University of Science.  We are preparing not only for infection situations such as COVID-19 but also for unexpected weather conditions and so on in September.  

     We hope that many students, scientists, and researchers would visit Noda Campus and enjoy the presentation, discussion, and chattering in the symposium.  The preparation of the Graduate Student Session, which started in the 16th symposium, is now progress by the student organizing committee comprising 10 postgraduate students and we believe that this session will be successful.  we sincerely look forward to seeing you at Tokyo University of Science together with the members of the student organizing committee and the organizing committee of the young scientists’ forum on September 7th at the University of Tokyo.

     With my best regads,

Shin Aoki
Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Vice Director, Research Insitute for Science and Technology (RIST)

Tokyo University of Science