The 102nd CSJ Annual Meeting

Call for Presentations - Application Procedure

The Chemical Society of Japan (CSJ) calls for presentations to be delivered during the Annual Meeting for the Academic Program and the Co-Innovation Program.
Regarding the Application
Please Note
  • Submission of the application and any amendment of application details after the application deadline will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever.
  • From the 101st CSJ Annual Meeting, the online application form has been renewed entirely from the old system. Please ensure to apply well in advance. It is expected that we might not be able to respond to last-minute inquiries.
  • The submission of the application is limited to the individual members of the CSJ. If you are not yet a member, please complete the membership application at the CSJ website ( before submitting your application for the presentation.
  • We are preparing for the 102nd Annual Meeting to be held on-site. However, depending on the circumstances of COVID-19, there is a possibility that the meeting style will be changed to online. If the event is held online, we are planning to use Zoom as a web conference tool.
Application Period
October 27th to December 1st, 2021
How to Apply
Please apply online through the Call for Presentations Application Form on the Annual Meeting website. 

  Application for Presentations
Confirmation of Application Completion
Please confirm that your application for the presentations has been completed on the Call for Presentations Application Form.

[Please Note] About status description
* [Application Completed] means that the registration for your presentation has been completed.
* [Not completed] means that the registration is proceeding and the information is not enough.
If [Not completed] remains after the registration deadline, it will be deemed no application.
Submission of the Abstract
Please submit the PDF file of your abstract via the Call for Presentations Application Form. The abstract submission period is from December 7th, 2021, to January 12nd, 2022. Your application for the presentation will be deemed canceled if the abstract is not submitted by the final day of the submission period. No replacements or revisions will be accepted after the deadline for any reason whatsoever. 
The 102nd Annual Meeting Executive Committee reserves the authority to select the presentation applications and make the program arrangements. This also includes the possibility of changing the category of a presentation from what it was originally applied for.
Notification of Presentation Number
The presentation number will be intimated in mid-January to the email address registered at the time of application. The presentation program (online) will also be released concurrently.
Cancellation of Application
The amendment of application details and cancellations of applications after the application deadline will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever. 
Publication of Application Details
The details regarding the selected applications, except for contact information, will be published and distributed free of charge in the form of the presentation program and the database, according to the following schedules. Any changes made to the released program will be announced on the Annual Meeting website. 

 ●Presentation Program (online)     ・・・・・・January 17th, 2022
 ●Book of Abstracts (online)      ・・・・・・ March 9th, 2022
 ●JST JDreamIII (to be determined)  ・・・・・・After closure of the meeting

The book of abstracts(online) will be made available to non-participants of the meeting three months after the closure of the meeting.
As an academic group designated by the Patent Office, the CSJ has been providing participants with a document certifying the delivery of the respective presentation at the study meeting. This certification was previously required upon the patent application being filled if the applicant sought to apply under the Patent Act Article 30 (Exceptions to Lack of Novelty of Invention). 

Following the revision to the Act in 2011, patent applications filed after April 1st, 2012, no longer require the submission of this certifying document issued by the designated academic groups. Instead, applicants can now simply submit a certifying document in the specified format along with objective evidence. For details, please check the Patent Office website given below.

Those who wish to obtain the certifying document issued by the CSJ can request it via mail as earlier. Please visit the following site for details:
Copyrights on the content included in the preprints belong to the CSJ, and such content may be reprinted should the CSJ deem it necessary. The CSJ may also approve external requests for quotations after reviewing such requests. 
Presentation Awards
The Annual Meeting presents two kinds of awards to honor excellent presentations. Please find below the eligibility criteria for the respective awards, including candidate details, presentation styles, and presentation categories. For details, please see the overviews of each award.
CSJ Student Presentation Award 
Candidate The presenter must be a student member of the CSJ, who is enrolled in a Ph.D. program and has never won the CSJ Student Presentation Award previously. 
Presentation Style Oral B
Presentation Language English
Eligible Categories  All categories of the Academic Program
Application  Please nominate yourself while applying to the presentation.
Awarding Committee The 102nd Annual Meeting Organizing Committee
CSJ Presentation Award for Industries
Candidate The presenter must be a regular member or a student member of the CSJ, who is below the age of 40 years as of April 1st, 2022. 
Presentation Style Poster 
Presentation Language Japanese or English
Eligible Categories Category 23 CIP Poster
Application Please specify the field and nominate yourself while applying to the presentation.
Awarding Committee CSJ Cooperation Industry and Academia Promotion Committee

Regarding the Presentations
Please Note
  • The CIP Poster (formerly the ATP Poster) is now one of the categories of the Academic Program.
  • The requirement to accept only a regular member or a student member in a Ph.D. program as an eligible Oral B presenter has been abolished; all individual members of the CSJ can now apply.
Academic Program (AP)
Presentation Content The presentation content must be previously unpublished. 
Eligible Presenter Only individual members of the CSJ can apply for the presentation. An individual member can apply for one of the following presentation styles: Oral A, Oral B, or Poster. The applicant shall deliver the presentation.
Presentation Style
Oral A Total: 10 minutes (presentation: 7 minutes; discussion: 2 minutes; handover to the next presenter: 1 minute) 
Oral B Total: 20 minutes (presentation: 15 minutes; discussion: 4 minutes; handover to the next presenter: 1 minute)
Poster 45 minutes (posters with odd numbers: the first half of the session / even numbers: the second half of the session)
※ Collaborators (co-authors) are not limited to the CSJ's regular members.
※ All meeting participants, irrespective of being presenters (speakers) or collaborators (co-authors), need to register for participation. 
Presentation Language

The presentation language shall be either English or Japanese.

We strongly recommend the preparation of presentation slides and poster data in English. Should you select "English" as your presentation language, please prepare all materials in English.


Presentation Equipment
  • Oral Presentation: A PC (Windows) will be available at all venues. Speakers are requested to bring their presentation materials in USB memory.
  • Poster Presentation: Each poster presenter will be provided a poster panel of dimensions 210cm high and 90cm wide and thumbtacks.
--->The event will be held online. Please refer to the "Online Meeting Guidelines" webpage for details.

Presentation Categories
Please Note
  • The categories have been reorganized; there are currently 23 categories, and the CIP Poster (formerly the ATP Poster) is now one of them.

You will need to select a category for program arrangements upon submitting your application for the presentation. Please check and select the category your presentation will best fit into. In detail, please check here.