The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting

 Category of Presentation

You will need to select a category for program arrangements upon submitting your application for the presentation. Please check and select the category your presentation will best fit into. In detail, please check here.
No Category
01 Education and History of Chemistry
02 Theoretical Chemistry, Chemoinformatics, and Computational Chemistry
03 Physical Chemistry -Structure-
04 Physical Chemistry -Properties-
05 Physical Chemistry -Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics-
06 Analytical Chemistry
07 Inorganic Chemistry
08 Catalysts and Catalysis
09 Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
10 Organic Chemistry -Organometallic Compounds-
11 Organic Chemistry -Structural Organic Chemistry-
12 Organic Chemistry -Organic Crystals, Supramolecular Chemistry-
13 Organic Chemistry -Reaction Mechanism, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry-
14 Organic Chemistry -Aromatic, Heterocyclic, and Heteroatom Compounds-
15 Organic Chemistry -Aliphatic and Alicyclic Compounds, and New Synthetic Technology
16 Natural Products Chemistry, Chemical Biology
17 Biofunctional Chemistry, Biotechnology
18 Polymer
19 Colloid and Interface Chemistry
20 Materials Chemistry -Basic and Application-
21 Energy and Related Chemistry, Geo and Space Chemistry
22 Resources Utilization Chemistry, Environmental and Green Chemistry
23 CIP Poster