The 101st CSJ Annual Meeting


01. Education and History of Chemistry
02. Theoretical Chemistry, Chemoinformatics, and Computational Chemistry
03. Physical Chemistry -Structure-
04. Physical Chemistry -Properties-
05. Physical Chemistry -Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics-
06. Analytical Chemistry
07. Inorganic Chemistry
08. Catalysts and Catalysis
09. Coordination Chemistry, Organometallic Chemistry
10. Organic Chemistry -Organometallic Compounds-
11. Organic Chemistry -Structural Organic Chemistry-
12. Organic Chemistry -Organic Crystals, Supramolecular Chemistry-
13. Organic Chemistry -Reaction Mechanism, Photochemistry, Electrochemistry-
14. Organic Chemistry -Aromatic, Heterocyclic, and Heteroatom Compounds-
15. Organic Chemistry -Aliphatic and Alicyclic Compounds, and New Synthetic Technology-
16. Natural Products Chemistry, Chemical Biology
17. Biofunctional Chemistry, Biotechnology
18. Polymer
19. Colloid and Interface Chemistry
20. Materials Chemistry -Basic and Application-
21. Energy and Related Chemistry, Geo and Space Chemistry
22. Resources Utilization Chemistry, Environmental and Green Chemistry
23. CIP Poster
Award Presentations, Special Lectures
President Lecture
Co-Innovation Program (CIP)
Medium and Long-Term Program
Asian International Symposium
Special Program
Co-organized Symposium [organized by CSJ partners]
Co-organized Symposium [organized by CSJ committees]