Imaging Conference JAPAN 2018

Events and Program

 [Updated Program:2018/06/07]  

Special Events 

Keynote Speech 
June 19 (Tue.)
From 3D Printing to 4D Printing - Collaboration in-between Imaging and Objects Through Voxels
Hiroya TANAKA (Keio University)
Awarded Lecture
Commemoration Lecture of the Paper Award 2016
June 19 (Tue.)
Analysis of Wetting and Coalescing Behaviors of Minute Ink Droplets by MPS Simulation and Application for Prediction of Image Defects
Ryosuke TAKAHASHI (Fuji Xerox Co,. Ltd.)
Commemoration Lecture of Konica Minolta Research Encouraging Grant 2016
June 19 (Tue.)
Novel Microjet Generator for Supersonic and Highly Viscous Liquids
Yoshiyuki TAGAWA (Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology)
Inkjet Organized Session
Special Talk
June 20 (Wed.)
Evolution Theory of Ink Jet Technologies - Progress by Component or Architectural Knowledge
Masahiko FUJII (Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)
Sensibility on Imaging Organized Session
Special Talk
June 19 (Tue.)
Kansei Imaging: Holistic Image Enhancement
Carl Staelin (Google Inc), Boris OICHERMAN (University of Minnesota)
Invited Talks
June 19 (Tue.)
Animal aesthetics: how animals perceive paintings
Shigeru WATANABE (Keio University)
June 19 (Tue.)
How to Visualize the Mental Representation of ‘Beauty’ of Individuals
Tomoyuki NAITO (Osaka University)
June 19 (Tue.)
Image and Kansei ~Consideration of Image Preference~
Hiroyuki KOBAYASHI (Chiba University)
International Session by the Federation of Imaging Societies
Regional Reports

The Federation of Imaging Societies will hold the 2nd ICAI, the international coference in 2019. It will be positioned as a center of Asian imaging technology. This session may be a good opportunity to understand the R&D situation and topics concerining imaging technology in each country.

June 21 (Thu.)
JAPAN: Makoto Omodani
(Tokai University)
VIETNAM: Cancelled

MALAYSIA: Cancelled
KOREA: Myong-Hoon Lee
(Chonbuk National University)
INDONESIA: Adi Susanto
(Stikubank University)
THAILAND: Aran Hansuebsai
(Chulalongkorn University)
CHINA: Lin Maohai
(Qilu University of Technology)
Technical Exchange Meeting
June 21 (Thu.)
14:00-16:00 at Meeting Room 2, 2F/ Keyaki Kaikan
[TE-1] Inkjet Head Showcase
Planner: Shinri SAKAI, Yamagata University
Facilitator: Kazuhiro NAKAJIMA, Canon, Inc.
Registration for the Technical Exchange Meeting will be open. There’s no fee to participate. You can enter or exit any time durng the period. 
Events for ISJ’s 60th Anniversary
[Memorial Ceremony]
June 19(Tue.) 17:15-17:45 at Main Hall, 1F/ Keyaki Kaikan
Memorial Ceremony for 60th Anniversary of the Imaging Society of Japan
  • Unvieling the reviced ISJ Vision (Action Before 2020)
  • Celebration for the award winnners of the contest essay; "A suggestion to the future of the imaging technology"
[Memorial Party]
June 19(Tue.) 18:00-19:15 at Food Court, 2F/ University Co-op
Memorial Party for 60th Anniversary of the Imaging Society of Japan
  • Registration will be open at the entrance of the room on the day
  • Co-crown event the the ICJ2018 Social Hour
[Memorial Exhibition]
June 19(Tue.)-20(Wed.) at Meeting Room (M), 3F/ keyaki Kaikan
Memorial Exhibition for 60th Anniversary of the Imaging Society of Japan
  • Complete set of the ISJ Journal from volume 1 to the latest volume
  • Proceeding books of the ISJ conferences and seminars etc.