Imaging Conference JAPAN 2018

Enriched Imaging Culture by Co-innovation

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“Imaging Conference JAPAN 2018”, the 121st Annual Conference of the Imaging Society of Japan will be held with the following agenda. The “Imaging Society of Japan” provides opportunities to discuss the leading-edge imaging science and technology including hardcopy, and various marking technologies, novel imaging technologies such as electronic paper and other electronic imaging system, as well as digital fabrication technologies to contribute to progress in all the related fields. This annual conference is the valuable opportunity to make active discussion and exchange of ideas concerning the latest investigations for members. We look forward to your submission and seeing you at the conference. 
In 2018, the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology, the Society of Photography and Imaging of Japan and the Imaging Society of Japan jointly hold annual meetings during June 19 to 22.  The International session and the interactive session are managed as joint sessions. We hope further improvement and “Co-innovation” through the discussion with participants from wider region of countries and technologies.

Date    June 19 (Tue.) - 21(Thu.), 2018
Place   Nishi-Chiba Campus, Chiba University
            Keyaki Kaikan (University Hall)
            1-33, Yayoicho, Inage Ward, Chiba-shi, Chiba, 263-8522 Japan  (Nishi-Chiba Station, JR Sobu Line)


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