Call for Abstracts (poster presentation only)

Call for Abstracts

General Rules for Abstract Submission:
  1. We accept poster presentation only.
  2. Please download the template for the abstract by clicking the button below. Other format is not acceptable.
  3. The abstract should be submitted after converting it to pdf file.


ISBC2024 Poster Award

 ISBC2024 offers an outstanding poster award to the presentators who gave excellent poster presentation. please check the following or download "Poster_award_guideline.pdf" before submission.

1) The applicant must be a master/doctor course student or a post-doctoral researcher (Project Assistant Professors are not eligible).
2) The applicant must be the first author on a poster submission.
3) Two posters are applicable to the award per one laboratory.

Please do note that, previous award winners of "The Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry" held on every September can also apply to the award.

Abstract Submission
 Please submit the abstract after converting the word file to pdf by clicking the button below.


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