The 1st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Oral Care and The 18th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Oral Care Joint Congress

[For Invited Speakers ] Request for uploading slide data

To all Invited Speakers

Slide Guidelines
Presentation data will be created in PowerPoint (normal horizontal version).

Your presentation data must be upload as a mp4 file (with audio, without camera ).

Formatting :mp4
Presentation Recording Time: Please make it at the same time as the lecture.

※Please ensure narration is included in the PowerPoint presentation recording and export it to a video file before submitting.

※If you are unable to save your data as mp4, please inform to the congress secretariat in advance and you may submit your PowerPoint in .ppt then we will format it to mp4 on your behalf.

※There is no limit to the number of PowerPoint slides

※Side Ratio : 16:9 (recommended)

※Slides formatted in 4:3 ratio will be streamed in letterbox format with black bands on the left and right sides of the slides.

※Do not password protect your data.


Precautions for creating presentation data
(1) Be sure to display the following information in the data.Presence / absence of COI, 
program number, title of presentation, name of first performer / co-star, affiliation

(2) Please make sure that there is no omission of information regarding COI disclosure.

(3) Please make sure that the data, charts, etc. quoted are copyright-protected and ethical. The Japan Oral Care Society and the executive committee of this conference cannot be held responsible for any copyright or ethical issues caused by the data, charts, etc. cited in the presentation data.
Data Submission Deadline

Deadline: Monday, April 5, 2021

Please upload the mp4 file from the following.
The file name should be "Presentation number_Presenter name" (Example: "G1-1_Taro Yamada").