Osaka Conv. of JPI (53rd Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)



The conference extended abstracts (pdf file) are available to the public from today.

(2023/12/26 1:15 PM)


Extended Abstracts of each presentation are available as pdf files on this site.
Currently, this service is only available for registered participants.
If you have not registered, you can view them for a fee (JP4070 yen). If you wish to view the abstracts, please contact the secretariat.

(2023/11/13 9:07 AM)


[2D02] Photo-triggered CO2 capture/release mode change by using photochromic spiropyran in the polar gradient environment
○Keigo Tashiro1, Masaki Otori1, Shigeo Satokawa1 (1. Seikei University)

JPIJS has selected the following one presentation from the International Session as an excellent presentation.

[2D02] Photo-triggered CO2 capture/release mode change by using photochromic spiropyran in the polar gradient environment
○Keigo Tashiro1, Masaki Otori1, Shigeo Satokawa1 (1. Seikei University)

(2023/11/02 5:18 PM)


・USB type-C 変換ケーブル
・HDMI-ライトニング 変換ケーブル

[ Lost and Found]
The following items have been received at the office. Please contact the JPI office if you have any questions.

* Pen case
* Ballpoint pen
* USB type-C conversion cable
* AC power adapter
* HDMI lightning conversion cable
* A4 size clip board

(2023/10/31 7:52 AM)


【Notice of Cancellation of Presentation】
Due to the circumstances of the presenter, the presentation of 2A09 has been canceled.

(2023/10/26 7:32 AM)


Extendesd abstracts (pdf file) are available today. The access is limited to participants (conv. registrants and invitees). The secretariat has sent the password to the participants. If you have not received the password, please contact the secretariat.

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Venue map of OSTEC is now available.

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”To all oral presenters” is now available. Please confirm in advance if you are a speaker or a presenter on the day of the meeting.

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Corporate Exhibition booths will be set up in the poster session room (4F) during the Osaka Conv. Exhibitors' introduction page is now open. We look forward to seeing you at our booths.

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The online program is now available. Please check it from [Timetable] and [Program] in the menu bar. You can check the outline of each presentation and register your schedule for the day. Extended abstracts will be available on the morning of October 24.

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(2023/10/12 11:13 AM)

要旨原稿の提出期間は,2023年9月6日(水)13:00~ 9月20日(水)13:00 となっています。期限厳守にご協力ください。

Sumission period of extended abstracts is from Sep. 6, 13:00 to Sep. 20, 13:00.
Please cooperate to meet the deadline.

(2023/09/06 8:35 AM)


(2023/08/30 4:17 PM)

The registration for the 2023 JPIJS Lecture is now open.

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Applicants guide for the poster session is now open.

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The conference program is now available and registration for the conference is now open.

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Guidelines for corporate PR exhibits for students and corporate advertisements (program book, equipment exhibits, banner ads, luncheon seminars) are now available.

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Call for Presentations for the Osaka Conv. of JPI is now available.
The application period is from May 24 to June 14. We look forward to receiving many applications.

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Special web site of Osaka Conv. of JPI is now open.

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