Osaka Conv. of JPI (53rd Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)

To all oral presenters

  • Only on-site oral presentations will be made at the Osaka Conv.  No online distribution will be available. 
  • Only a PC projector will be used for oral presentations.  A projector and connection cables (one each for RGB and HDMI) will be provided at each venue.  Each presenter is requested to bring his/her own PC on which the data for the presentation will be stored. When it is your turn to present, please connect the corresponding cable to your own PC and start your presentation.  If you are not sure about the connection, please test the connection during a break before your presentation.  A part-time student will be stationed at the presenter's desk to assist with cable connections, etc.  
  • No need to send your presentation data in advance of the day of your presentation.
  • Oral presentation time is 15 minutes (without special lecture/invited lectures).
The timekeeping will start from the time the moderator introduces the presentation, and the first bell will ring 12 minutes after the start of the presentation.  If you have not finished your presentation, please finish it immediately and move on to the Q&A session.
The second bell will ring twice 15 minutes after the start of the session. 
The bell will not be rung for invited lectures and special lectures.
  • At each venue, there are seats for the next presenter near the speaker’s table (presenter's seat).  Please move to the next presenter's seat when the previous presentation starts and prepare for your presentation.
  • When you have finished your presentation, please disconnect the cable connected to your PC as soon as possible and take your place with the next presenter.  When you leave the speaker’s table, please make sure that you have not left any items on the table.
  • The convention reception desk will be located on the 4th floor at the Center.  When visiting the Osaka Science & Technology Center, please present your registration card (or invitation letter) at the convention registration desk, receive a nameplate case, and wear the nameplate case inside the venue.