Osaka Conv. of JPI (53rd Petroleum-Petrochemical Symposium of JPI)

JPIJS Seminar 2023

  Organizer: JPI Junior Society(JPIJS)

  Date and Time: Wed., October 25, 2023, 13:30-17:20
                             *Room opens at 13:15.
  Venue: Room 701, Osaka Science & Technology Center and Online(Zoom)

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1. Opening remarsk (13:30-13:35)

2. "Investigation of CO2 adsorption and separation process using flexible MOF" (13:35-14:15) 
Dr. Shotaro Hiraide (Kyoto University)

3. "MI & DX - Utilization of latent space for material research" (14:15-14:55) 
Dr. Tetsuya Shoji (Toyota Motor Corp.)
 Break (14:55-15:15)
4.  "Development of cooperative catalysts for efficient conversion of naturally abundant carbon resources to important chemicals" (15:15-15:55)
Dr. Sho Yamaguchi (Osaka University)
5. "Development of high performance catalysts by random alloying of dissimilar metals" (15:55-16:35) 
Dr. Yoshihide Nishida (Nagoya Institute of Technology)
6. "Catalytic methane conversion by photothermal heating" (16:35-17:15) 
Dr. Akira Yamamoto (Kyoto University)
7. Closing remarks (17:15-17:20)
8. Banquet at Osaka Science & Technology Center 7th Floor Restaurant (18:00-) 
Fee In-person participation
JPI member (personal, corporate) JPY1,100 (incl. tax JPY100), Non-member  JPY2,090 (incl. tax JPY190), Student free of charge

【Online participation】

JPI member (personal, corporate) JPY2,090 (incl. tax JPY190), Non-member  JPY3,080 (incl. tax JPY280), Student JPY1,100 (incl. tax JPY100)

Regular JPY4,070 (incl. tax JPY370), Student JPY2,090 (incl. tax JPY190)
The banquet fee will be increased by 500-1,000 yen when the registration due.

Payment method (1)Credit Card Payment, (2) Cash Transfer by Registered Mail, (3) Postal Transfer, or (4) Bank Transfer

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MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Nishi-Ikebukuro Branch
                   Account No. 4630709
                   Account name: The Japan Petroleum Institute
Registration deadline Lecture  Fri., October 20
Banquet    Fri., October 13
Inquiry attn. JPIJS lecture, JPI

E-mail:  events [at]