The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials, The 8th Asian Biomaterials Congress

Chairperson Guidelines

1. For chairperson at both on-site sessions and hybrid format sessions
  • There will be two or more chairpersons per single session. Chair assignments (who will be the chair for which presentation) are left to the discretion of the chairpersons, so please consult during the break time before the sessions.


  • The bell will be rung by the room staff. For oral presentations (presentation numbers starting with AO- or JO-), the first bell will ring at 7 minutes, the second bell at 10 minutes, and the third bell at 14 minutes (end of talk and speaker change).
For Keynote-, Invited-, Award-, and Educational lectures, only the 3rd bell (end of lecture and speaker change) will ring.


  • Delay of presentation

Chairpersons are requested to adhere to the presentation schedule. If the presenter is not present within 5 minutes after the start time, the presentation will be canceled. In such a case, please put a break time until the next presentation.

The presentation should be terminated after 14 minutes. In the case of online presentations, the sharing screen will be closed automatically.

2. Special note for hybrid format sessions
  • During the discussion, please inform the questioner as follows.
Remote participants: Show the raising hand icon on Zoom.
On-sight participants: Stand in front of the stand microphone for questions.
  • Chairing in remote format
The stand microphone in the venue will be shown on Zoom via webcam. When the on-sight participant stands in front of the microphone, please ask him/her to start the question. Please check the Zoom raise hand icon for questions from remote participants.
  • Chairing at On-sight
PC connected to Zoom will be placed at the chairperson's seat. For questions from remote participants, please point the person who raised the Zoom hands icon. For on-sight participants, please tell to start questions when they stand in front of the microphone.