The 43rd Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials, The 8th Asian Biomaterials Congress

Call for Abstracts

Submission deadline

July 1st, 2021 ~ September 1st, 2021
July 1st, 2021 ~ September 15th, 2021
(Deadline has been extended)


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Preparing an abstract

Please download and overwrite the following abstract format to create your abstract according to the preparation guidelines below.

  • Abstract format

  1. The abstract should be created as a Microsoft Word file and then saved as a PDF file.
  2. The abstract must be fitted in an A4 page with the margins of 30mm on the top, 25mm on the bottom, left and right.
  3. Put the title (Arial or Helvetica, font size: 14 pt.) and insert a blank line (10.5 pt.) below it. The title of your presentation should be no more than 25 words.
  4. Please write your affiliation and the name of the author(s) (Times, 10.5 pt).The first author will be the presenter and should be marked with a circle before the name. If there are multiple authors with different affiliations, please use superscript numbers.
  5. The title, affiliation, and author(s) should be within six lines. The main should be started from line 8 by inserting 1~3 blank lines.
  6. The main text should be written in Times font (10.5 pt.). Superscript, subscript, italic, and bold characters are allowed. Please use the Symbol font for Greek characters such as α, β, Σ. Machine-dependent characters should be avoided. Figures and tables should be pasted directly into the text.
Membership of presenting author

When submitting an abstract, please select whether you are a regular member, student member or non-member of the international union of societies for biomaterials science and engineering (IUSBSE) or asian biomaterials federation (ABF). *The registration fee differs depending on the membership status.

Type of presentation

Please choose your presentation format from the following.

  • Oral presentation in English (JSB & ABMC collaborative session): Hybrid format using face-to-face presentation at the conference venue and web conference services.
  • Oral presentations in Japanese (JSB session)This session will be held at the conference venue (face-to-face, only).
  • Online poster presentation (Both in Japanese (JSB session) and in English (JSB & ABMC collaborative session))Online presentation and discussion will be conducted by using the web conference service.

The formats of oral and poster presentations may change depending on the situation. The details of changes will be announced on the top page as needed.

Please note that we may not be able to meet your request for the presentation format due to the program organization. The presentation time for oral presentations will be 15 minutes, including questions and changes. A time slot for poster presentations will be provided online.


Poster Award

Presenting author of a poster aged 30 (32 for Medical Doctor / Dentist / Veterinarian / Pharmacist) or under as of April 1, 2021 is able to apply for Poster Award when you register paper. RSC (The Royal Society of Chemistry) will support Poster Award in part.

Declaration of Conflict of Interest (COI)

All oral presenters are required to disclose their conflict of interest status at the beginning of their presentation slides. Please refer to the information on COI disclosure of the Japanese Society for Biomaterials.

Session topics

For the Session topic, please select from classification by “stages“, “materials“, and “fields” (e.g., II-A-1, III-B-2, etc.).

Classification by Stages: 
 I: Foundation of the materials
(design, synthesis, preparation, surface processing, shaping, 3D processing, bulk/surface properties, phase transition, protein adsorption, and others)
 II: Function of the materials
(interaction with living cells, manipulation of stem cells, DDS, imaging techniques, sensing techniques, diagnosis, in vitro evaluations, and others)

Preclinical POC
(ex vivo evaluations, in vivo evaluation, therapeutic effects, and others)

 IV: Industrialization and standardization
(safety test, authorization and approvals, regulatory sciences, newly approved medical equipment, and others)

Classification by materials:
A: Metals B: Ceramics
C: Synthetic polymers D: Materials derived from living organisms
E: Cells and tissues F: Others

Classification by fields:
1: Circulatory systems 2: Orthopedics
3: Dental and oral medicines 4: Dermatology and sensory systems
5: Metabolic systems 6: Tissue engineering 
7: Diagnosis and measurements 8: Immune systems and cancers
9: Bioimaging 10: DDS and drug discovery
11: Others    


Revision and withdrawal of abstract

You can check, revise or withdraw your abstract until the deadline for abstract submission.

Please log in to the abstract submission system using the login ID and password you obtained when you submitted your abstract.

  • Please check the login screen of the system for the recommended browser for the abstract submission system. Even if you access the system using the recommended environment, you may not be able to submit your abstract depending on your computer environment. If you are unable to submit your abstract, please try to submit your abstract from another computer with a different computer environment.
  • Please be sure to register well in advance, as the lines are expected to be very busy just before the abstract submission deadline. The secretariat will not be responsible for any incomplete abstract submissions due to network problems.
  • The secretariat will not be held responsible for any content entered by contributors themselves by mistake. Please be sure to check that the contents are correct before clicking the "Submission" button.
Inquiries about abstract submission and registration

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