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2024 Conference Announcement]
2024/9/4(Wed)-9/6(Fri) at Ito Campus, Kyushu University!

(2023/10/20 3:49 PM)


2A02 D&I推進に向けた女子枠入試の導入-東京工業大学の事例をもとに-
    ○井村 順一

2C19 学生講師が自然科学の基礎を教える寺子屋の開設
    ○田中 俊幸,山口 朝彦,村上 裕人

3B22 高専学生を主体とする高専の特色を活かした地元小学校へのICT教育支援(1)
    ○越地 尚宏

3C14 マイクロクレデンシャルの設計と発行の方法
    ○井上 雅裕,長原 礼宗,角田 和巳,丸山 智子,八重樫 理人,辻野 克彦

(2023/10/19 1:35 PM)

The paper submission will be closed on the evening of 10/19; please use J-STAGE from 10/20. Only the abstract of each paper can be downloaded from this site.

(2023/10/13 3:35 PM)

The 2023 International Session Award has been selected! Congratulations!

W-06 Gender differences in the influence of digital media on high school students' career decisions
Yutaro Ohashi (Shibaura Institute of Technology), May Kristine Jonson Carlon, Jeffrey Scott Cross (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

(2023/10/05 2:56 PM)

The PDF files will remain available on this site until the transition to J-STAGE is completed.

(2023/09/15 5:23 PM)

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