The 71st Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education

Presentation/Audience Manual

Please be sure to read the following guidelines and manuals before preparing your presentation, audience participation, and chairpersonship.


1. Guidelines of JSEE International Session (202303)
2. Manual for Speakers (202307)

*Due to procurement reasons, the OS of the PCs at the venue has been changed to Windows 10.

3. Manual for Chairpersons (202307)

Data Submission for Recorded Speakers
Submission period: Tuesday, August 8, 10:00 - Monday, August 21, 17:00
Submission address: This website. Announcement will be made to eligible participants prior to acceptance.
Submission Instructions

Submission of Data for Presentation
Submission period: Monday, August 21, 00:00 - Friday, September 1, 12:00
Submission address: Abstract and registration site.
Submission method: Same as PDF submission