The 71st Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education

Event Outline

What is Peace Education in Engineering?

  It is a well-known fact that the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia that broke out in February 2022 has been prolonged and civilians, including small children, continue to suffer.
  Hiroshima University, the host university of this year's symposium, was founded in Hiroshima, the site of the first atomic bombing in human history. As a national comprehensive research university, Hiroshima University has been founded with "One University, Free and Peaceful" as its founding spirit and "Spirit of Peace" as one of its five principles. In FY2022, 29 peace courses were offered as part of liberal arts education, mainly in the humanities and social sciences. However, only one course in the School of Engineering was fully devoted to peace education in FY2022. The engineering field has the potential to produce war-bearing technology if a mistake is made, and it is extremely important to provide peace education to students majoring in engineering.
  In this conference, we would like to introduce the current status of peace education in engineering at each university and deepen the discussion on "how and what kind of peace education" should be provided at educational institutions in order to send out engineering engineers who seek peace to the world.

This year's conference will be held at the conference venue, and there will be two types of presentations: one in the lecture rooms at the conference venue and the other recorded online via the conference website. Poster presentations will not be held.


International session: September 7, 2023


Japanese Society for Engineering Education

Chugoku Shikoku Society for Engineering Education


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