The 71st Annual Conference of Japanese Society for Engineering Education

Conference Program

This year's conference will be held at the conference venue, and there will be two types of presentations: one in the lecture rooms at the conference venue and the other recorded online via the conference website. Poster presentations will not be held.
The Reception was planned to be held at the adjacent Hotel, but due to the low number of pre-registrations, it will be held at La Bohème in the Faculty Club on campus.
Event, event content, time zone, opening period, etc. will be changed and updated in the future.

September 6th
Oral Session- I (9:25-12:15) A~C Room
Award Lecture (10:30-12:00) W Room
Opening Ceremony (10:30-12:00) Satake Memorial Hall
Opening Remarks
- Yasutaka Moriguchi, President of Japanese Society for Engineering Education
- Akihiro Ysbuki, President of Chugoku Shikoku Society for Engineering Education
Congratulatory address Keiko Nagaoka, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
Award Ceremony (13:30-14:30) Satake Memorial Hall
Plenary Session- I (14:30-16:30) Satake Memorial Hall
 (1) Recent Situation of Higher Education - Future of Human Resource Development in Engineering
Kouji Umehara, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
 (2) Toward Science and Engineering Human Resources through Industry-Academia Collaboration with a Focus on Innovation Creation
Satoshi Kawakami, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
 (3) Current Status of Hiroshima University (tentative)
Noriko Shiomitsu, Hiroshima University
Reception (17:00-18:30) (Faculty Club La Bohème)  
Opening Remarks Akihiro Yabuki, President, Chugoku Shikoku Society for Engineering Education
- Yasutaka Moriguchi, President, Japanese Society for Engineering Education
- Next Regional Engineering Education Association
Toast   Akihiro Yabuki, President, Chugoku Shikoku Society for Engineering Education
Closing Remarks

September 7th
Oral Session- II (9:30-12:00) A~C Room
Educational Power Improvement Session (10:45-12:00) W Room
Plenary Session- II (13:00-13:50) W Room
 (1) Educating and Nurturing the Next Generation of Engineers in South Korea : Towards a Sustainable and Innovative Future
Ja Young Kim, Director of International Cooperation, Korean Society for Engineering Education (KSEE)
 (2) Challenges Facing Engineering Educators Globally - Video Presentation
Douglas Tougaw, President of American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
Oral Session- III (14:15-17:15) A~C Room
International Session- I & II (14:15-16:30) W Room
Special Event: Dean Meeting (15:30-16:30) SE Room
Recent Educational Topics at Universities and KOSEN - 
(1) Current Status and Issues of JABEE and Expectations for the Future - Thoughts on JABEE and its examination process
Noboru Takizawa, Prof., Okayama University of Science
(2) Development of nano-satellites as the ultimate manufacturing education: Introducing the Colleges of Technology Satellite Project
Kazumasa Imai, Visiting Prof., National Institute of Technology, Kochi College
September 8th
Oral Session- IV (9:30-12:15) A~C Room
Oral Session- V (13:00-16:15) A~C Room
Symposium  (15:15-16:45) W Room
What is Peace Education in Engineering? -
(1) Peace Education at Hiroshima University
Hiroyuki Kawano, Director, The Center for Peace, Hiroshima University
(2) Introduction of "Theory of Peaceful Cities and Architecture" course offered at Hiroshima University
Takahiro Tanaka, Prof., Hiroshima University
Closing Ceremony (16:45-17:00) W Room

Video Session - VI, Intenational Session - III

The conference website will be open to the public on August 30 (Wed) - September 15 (Fri). Q&A session will be conducted by text.


Exhibit and display of company catalogs

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