The 70th Annual Meeting of JSFST

Greetings from the President

The 70th Anniversary Meeting of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology

Hajime Hatta, Ph.D.
Japan Society of Food Science and Technology
Chairperson of the 70th memorial meeting     
Research Professor, Kyoto Women's University

It is a great honor for me to be the chairman of the 70th Anniversary Meeting of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology, which will be held in Kyoto face-to-face meeting, including the academic exchange meeting after four years covid-19 pandemic. I want to say a few words on behalf of the conference organizing committee members.
Needless to say, food products, which are the subject of our research and development, are indispensable to our daily lives. In recent years, however, Japan's food products situation has lost some brightness, and there is growing concern about the future regarding food security and self-sufficiency.
Japan's declining birthrate and aging population will not stop. The primary industries that support food are aging, and Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is the lowest among developed countries. The Japanese economy has been stagnant for a long time. Amidst the widening social disparity, the coronavirus infection problem and the global unrest caused by Russia's invasion of Ukraine are intertwined, generating energy and other food prices to skyrocket rapidly.
Under these circumstances, we would like to hold the 70th Anniversary Meeting of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology face-to-face to present topics from industry, government, and academia that will give a sense of a bright future for food. It would be a great pleasure for all of us on the organizing committee of the conference if we could obtain even the slightest hint that could help improve the food situation in Japan by bringing together the wisdom and wisdom of industry, government, and academia, which has been the hallmark of the society since its establishment.
This gathering is the 70th commemorative meeting, and the conference theme is "The Relationship between Science and Technology and the Future of Food." A special 70th-anniversary lecture entitled "Future Prospects of the Functional Food Industry in Light of Global Food Trends" was intended as the theme. Symposia to be held daily during the conference were also planned as sub-themes of this theme. 
In addition, we have devised poster awards and participation fees for the general lectures and poster presentations so that not only members of the society but also students, who are the future leaders of the food industry, will be able to participate actively in the conference.
Kyoto Women's University, the conference venue, has completed the campus renovation and now has a beautiful terrace, school building, and student cafeteria. I look forward to your participation. See you at Kyoto Women's University on August 24-26.

Hajime Hatta