The 70th Annual Meeting of JSFST


August 24, Thursday, 15:15~16:45  Symposium 24A, 24B, 24 C

Symposium 24A

70th Anniversary Symposium: "Relationship between the Future of Food and Science and Technology: Toward Sustainable Utilization of Food Resources" organized by the Planning Committee of JSHSS Headquarters. Organizers: Hiroshi Nabetani (Chair, Planning Committee, Tokyo Kasei University), Akio Takenaga (Vice Chair, Planning Committee, Nihon University)


15:15~15:45 "Current Status and Future of Food Tech with a Focus on Food 3D Printer  

Speaker: Shinichi Ishikawa (Miyagi University)


15:45~16:15 "Plant-Based Foods that Contribute to Sustainability

Speaker: Shigeru Ashida (Fuji Oil)


16:15~16:45 "Ensuring the safety of novel food products

Speaker: Chikako Uneyama (Director, Safety Information Division, National Institute of Health Sciences)


Symposium 24B

Joint Symposium by Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration and Executive Committee: "Relationship between the Future of Food and Science and Technology - Science and Future of Infant Food and Healthy Growth for the Child-Centered Society (In the Year of Establishment of the Agency for Children and Families)" (Cosponsored by Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee, Hatagakukai Foundation and Convention Executive Committee (Kansai Branch) of the GSSJ Headquarters ) 

(Organizer: Masao Kuno (Chairperson, Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee, Kewpie Corporation), Takahiro Inakuma (Vice Chairperson, Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee, Shinshu University)

15:15-15:20 Greetings from the President of the Japanese Society for Food Science and Technology
Toshiro Matsui, Professor, Graduate School of Kyushu University

15:20-15:25 Greetings from Representative Director, Kieikai
Shu Nakajima (Chairman of the Board, Kewpie Corporation)

15:25~16:05 "Science of Food and Mental and Physical Development

Speaker: Dr. Masako Meiwa (Professor, Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University; Member, Council for Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology; Member, Science Council of Japan; Member, Advisory Panel of Experts on "Basic Guidelines for Pre-School Child Development,” Child and Family Agency)


16:05~16:45 "Science of Food, Allergy and Immunity

Speaker: Dr. Motohiro Ebisawa (Director, Clinical Research Center, National Hospital Organization Sagamihara Hospital; Former President, World Allergy Organization; President, Japanese Society of Allergology)


Symposium 24C

 "Relationship between the Future of Food and Science and Technology: Data Science and Food/Health" 

 Organized by the Conference Organizing Committee Sponsor: Hajime Hatta (Kyoto Women's University)


15:15-15:30 "Current Status of Data Science and Food

Speaker: Koji Kurihara (Kyoto Women's University)


15:30-15:55 "How to Use Statistical Causal Inference for Health Data

Speaker: Takayuki Abe (Kyoto Women's University)


15:55-16:20 "Dietary habits and health care based on health examination data

Speaker: Yoshitake Kitanishi (Shionogi & Co., Ltd.)


16:20-16:45 "Analysis of the Relationship between Natocari (Na/K) Ratio and Hypertension

Speaker: Tomohiro Nakamura (Kyoto Women's University)



August 25, Friday,  09:00-11:45 Symposium 25A, 25B, 25C 


Symposium 25A

”Elucidation of Aging Mechanisms and Control by Foods for Well-being” 

(Organized by Conference Organizing Committee) Sponsor: Yasushi Suzuki (Mukogawa Women's University)


9:00-9:40 "Overview of Anti-Aging Research and Targeting NAD Metabolism for Anti-Aging

SpeakerTakashi Nakagawa(Department of Medicine, Faculty of Science and Research, University of Toyama)


9:40-10:20 "Healthy life extension by induction of polyamine production from intestinal bacteria

Speaker: Mitsuharu Matsumoto (Research Institute, Kyodo Dairy Industry Co.)


10:20-11:00 "Decline in Cancer Immunity due to Aging and the Recovery Mechanism by Spermidine Combination

Speaker: Kenji Chamoto (Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)


11:00-11:05 Break


11:05-11:45 "Overcoming Aging for Healthy Longevity

Speaker: Makoto Nakanishi (Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo)


Symposium 25B

International Exchange Symposium (Cosponsored by IUFoST - Japan - International Exchange Committee) 

"Innovation and International Collaboration of Food Science and Technology - Food and Agricultural Products for Globalization -" Sponsors: Yasuo Matsumura (Chair, International Exchange Committee, Kyoto University), Mitsutoshi Nakajima (Vice-Chair, International Exchange Committee, University of Tsukuba)


9:00-9:05 Opening Remarks Yasuo Matsumura


9:05-9:35 "International Cooperation Activities on Research and Export of Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs at the National Agricultural Research Organization

 Speaker: Keitaro Kimura (Food Research Division, National Agricultural Research Organization)


9:35-10:05 "Japanese Food: Growth Strategies in the Global Market from Multiple Perspectives

 Speaker: Hiroki Kogai (Wismettac Foods Co., Ltd.)


10:05-10:35 "Halal Global Market

 Speaker: Aida Azrina Azmi (Haral Products Research Institute, University Putra Malaysia)


10:35-10:55 "Bioactive iminosugar as nutraceutical candidate for healthy aging: focus on neuronal insulin sensitivity

 Speaker: Isabella Supardi Parida (Weill Cornell Medicine)


10:55-11:15 "The Potential and Challenges of Edible Insects as Functional Biological Resources

 Speaker: Masaru Ochiai (Department of Animal Resources, Kitasato University School of Veterinary Medicine)


11:15-11:35 "Nondestructive Evaluation of Texture and Microstructure of Fruits Using Laser Scattering

 Speaker: Mistu Kogawa (University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences)


11:35-11:40 Closing remarks Mitsutoshi Nakajima


Symposium 25C

 "Excellence in Regional Food Research

(Co-organized by the National Association of Directors of Food Research and Testing Laboratories, Food Research Division, National Agricultural Research Organization, and Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Committee)


9:00-9:05 Opening remarks by the sponsor


9:05-9:30 "Development of semi-cooked products (chilled potatoes) using potato "Snowmarch

Speaker: Atsuhiro Nakano (Central Fisheries Experiment Station, Fisheries Research Division, Hokkaido National Research Agency)


9:30-9:55 "Development and dissemination of recommended indices for new rice flour applications

Speaker: Keiko Morohashi (Food Research Center, Niigata Prefectural Agricultural Research Institute)


9:55-10:20 "Isolation and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria and Development of Functional Lactic Acid Bacterial Beverages (Subject under consideration)

Speaker: Kenji Yokoi (Food Research Institute, Toyama Prefectural Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Center)


10;20-10:30 Break


10:30-10:55 Breeding and dissemination of KODO.ec162, a novel old road yeast with high production of ethyl caproate

Speaker: Yuko Yoshimura (Food Development Department, Industrial Technology Center of Wakayama Prefecture)


10:55-11:20 "Development of "Chicken Shoyu," a Liquid Seasoning Using Jidori Chicken Liver

Speaker: Ryoichi Ichikawa (Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center)


11:20-11:45 "Development of Storage Technology for Pumpkin

 Speaker: Akihito Samejima (Osumi Processing Technology Research Center, Kagoshima Prefecture)



August 26, Saturday, 14:00-16:45 Symposium 26A, 26B, 26C 


Symposium 26A

”Development of Genome Editing Technology and its New Application to Agricultural, Livestock and Fishery Products”

(Organized by Conference Organizing Committee) Sponsor: Tatsuya Sugawara (Kyoto University)


14:00-14:40 "Development of Novel Genome Editing Technologies and Their Application to Plants

Speaker: Yuriko Gyobu (Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Bioscience and Biotechnology)


14:40-15:20 "Beginning and Prospects of Genome Editing Breeding of Farmed Fish

Speaker: Masato Kinoshita (Graduate School of Agriculture, Kyoto University)


15:20-15:25 Break


15:25-16:05 "Genome Editing Technology for the Production of Research and Industrial Animals

Speaker: Tatsuya Takemoto (Department of Developmental Biology, Institute for Advanced Enzyme Research, The University of Tokushima, Seturotech Co.)


16:05-16:45 "Genome-Edited Chickens and Their Industrial Applications

 Speaker: Isao Oishi (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)


Symposium 26B

”Preparing for the Coming Protein Crisis - Development of Sustainable Foods - ”

(Organized by Conference Organizing Committee) Sponsor: Shingo Izawa (Kyoto Institute of Technology)


14:00-14:40 "Possibility of stable domestic supply of rice-derived protein and development of alternative meat

Speaker: Masanori Watanabe (Faculty of Agriculture, Yamagata University)


14:40-15:20 "Alternative protein production from carbon dioxide using UCDI® hydrogen bacteria" Speaker: Kosuke Kawaguchi (CO2 Resource Recovery Institute)


15:20-15:25 Break


15:25-16:05 "Next Meats' vision of the future of food and the evolution of alternative foods

Speaker: Hideyuki Sasaki (Next Meats Co., Ltd.)


16:05-16:45 "Kewpie's Plant-Based Foods

 Speaker: Tomoka Watanuki (Deputy General Manager, Group R&D Promotion Department, Research and Development Division, Kewpie Co.) 


Symposium 26C

”New Quality Evaluation, Printing and Packaging Technologies to Expand Food Possibilities”

(Organized by Conference Organizing Committee) Sponsor: Akiko Kojima (Graduate School of Osaka Public University)


14:00-14:40 "Current Situation of Galapagosization in Japan and Attempts to De-Galapagosize Food Packaging Technology

Speaker: Hikaru Kobayashi (Japan Food Packaging Institute Kansai Liaison Office)


14:40-15:20 "Environmental Responsiveness and Food Loss Response of Inks and Coatings for Food Packaging

Speaker: Yutaka Matsuoka (Sakata Inx Corporation)


15:20-15:25 Break


15:25-16:05 "Food Quality Evaluation by Food Metabolomics)

Speaker: Akira Oikawa (Kyoto University)


16:05-16:45 "New Food Analysis and Evaluation Enabled by AI

Speaker: Takenobu Ogawa (Kyoto University)