The 14th Asian Society of Conservation Medicine / 27th Japanese Society of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 2021 Joint Conference

Guidelines for Presenters

Oral presentations: 
  • Oral presentations will be made in real-time using the Cisco Webex platform ( Each speaker will share their own presentation slides. Please download and install Webex before the conference starts.
  • The same system will be set up at the venue for on-site participants.
  • Wired LAN connection to the Internet is recommended (WiFi connection is unstable with Webex).
  • Please note that we cannot provide refunds or support you during the meeting days, in cases of problems related to your own environment.
  • Please note that by attending this conference either onsite or online, you agree to its video recording if you do an oral presentation. The recordings will be available on the event website for all conference delegates to access during the specified period. 
  • The allocated presentation time is 12 minutes plus 3 minutes Q&A.

E-Poster & poster presentations: 
  • Poster presentations will be conducted in a format that participants can freely view the poster files uploaded to the portal site which will be the venue for the Joint Conference. You can browse it at any time while the portal site is open. 
  • Question and answer session will be held as appropriate using the comment field provided for each presentation.
  • Please create a poster file in jpeg, jpg or png format without audio or video embedding. You can include links to videos, etc., in the file. The file size should be 10MB or less. There are no particular specifications regarding the appearance of the poster file, such as aspect ratio or the number of pages, but please try to make it so that the audience can understand the content without any oral supplementary explanation. Please do not set a security password for the file.
  • Downloading the e-poster file is prevented by the Confit e-poster system. However, we cannot prevent screenshots of your poster. 
  • Please note that your poster will be available on the event website for all conference delegates to access during the limited period. 
  • On-site poster presenters are encouraged to also do an oral presentation of the poster. 
  • Please upload your e-poster from following site. Deadline for the uploading is 23:59, September 20th.
Copyright and consent: 
  • Please do not cause copyright infringements and avoid any defamation in presentation contents, on slides shared on-screen, or on the PDF poster that you submit. In the unlikely event that the content of the writing (presentation slide or PDF poster) infringes the copyright of a third party or causes damage to a third party, the presenter will be liable for it. 
  • The submitting author is responsible for obtaining consent from all co-authors for the abstract submission. The organizing committee of the 14th ASCM / 27th JSZWM 2021 Joint Conference shall thus take no responsibility.
For presentation format/guidelines inquiries: 

Dr Alice Lau 
Dr Yojiro Yanagawa (In Japanese)