19th International Conference on Defects-Recognition, Imaging and Physics in Semiconductors

Presentation Guidelines


  All oral and poster presentations must be given in English.

Oral Presentation

  Oral presentation will be made via Zoom meetings.

  The allotted time to speakers for the oral sessions is:

  Talk time Q/A Total
Plenary 35min 5min 40min
Invited 25min 5min 30min
Oral 12min 3min 15min
  Zoom breakout rooms (“discussion rooms”) will be opened after each oral session. 
All speakers in the session are requested to move to the assigned breakout room for further discussion.

  Video streaming is optionally accepted for authors who cannot make live presentations. Please contact DRIP XIX office about instructions by e-mail (drip19.org-ml@criepi.denken.or.jp).


Poster Presentation

  Poster sessions will be opened via Zoom meetings (breakout rooms).

  Authors are requested to upload their e-poster and short presentation video by August 22.

  Authors may use presentation materials including the details of their work in respective Zoom breakout room during the allotted poster session
(August 30 or 31).

         The uploading system for e-posters and short presentation videos are now opened.

  •  e-Poster:

          Aspect ratio: 4 : 3 (recommended),
          Format: jpg, jpeg, or png, Size: < 10 MB

          File upload: https://confit-vas.atlas.jp/drip19/slides/login

  •  Short presentation video:

          Aspect ratio: 16 : 9 (recommended),
          Video length: < 2 min, Format: mp4, mov, wmv, or avi,
          Size: < 200 MB

          File u
pload: https://confit-vas.atlas.jp/drip19/video/login

  The e-posters and short presentation videos will be opened only for participants (non-printable, non-downloadable)  on the home page of DRIP XIX during 
August 29 - September 8


Links to Zoom meetings

  All links to Zoom meetings will be provided on the program page only for participants of DRIP XIX.