12th East Asian Dam Conference (EADC)

Organizing Committee

East Asian Area Dam Conference (EADC)
EADC was formed in 2004 by the Japan Commission on Large Dams (JCOLD), the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD), and the Korea National Committee on Large Dams (KNCOLD).
EADC was first held in Xi'an, China in 2004, and has been held every two years in recent years in rotation among Japan, China, and Korea to discuss common issues for the sustainable maintenance and development of dam projects and exchange of information on dam technology through symposiums and technical tours. It has been held for three rounds so far; the first symposium of the fourth round was held in China (Zhengzhou) in 2018, and the previous 11th EADC was held in Korea (Daejeon) in 2022. The 12th EADC will be held in Nagoya in 2024, Japan as secretariat.
EADC Member Countries

Organizing Committee of EADC 2024 Nagoya Chairman
   Mr. Hiroyasu SUGIYAMA (President of JCOLD)
Public Relations/Registration Branch Chairman
   Dr. Hideki HIRAI (Vice President of JCOLD)
Event Management Branch Chairman
   Mr. Takashi TADA (Vice President of JCOLD)
Symposium Management Branch Chairman
   Dr. Masayuki KASHIWAYANAGI (Managing Director of JCOLD)
Host District Branch Chairman
   Mr. Yoshiki MIZUGUCHI (General Manager of Hydro Power Business
   Department, Incorporated Renewable Energy Company, Chubu Electric
   Power Company)
Secretary General
   Dr. Hiroaki NOGUCHI (Secretary General of JCOLD)
   Ms. Kanae SHIBASAKI
   Ms. Tomoko HOSHIBA
   Ms. Shiho HATTORI     (Secretary of JCOLD)