International Conference of Asian-Pacific Planning Societies 2022

Guideline for Presentation

For Presenters
All Presenters are requested to be in your presentation room (both online and onsite) at least 10 minutes before your session starts.
Each presenter has 15 minutes for presentation. First 10-12 minutes would be for the presentation and the rest would be for Q&A with the audience.

For onsite presenters, you are requested to present your paper at the designated room. Upon your arrival of the room, install your presentation file to a computer (Windows PC) equipped at the room please. We strongly recommend you should bring your presentation file by the MS PowerPoint or PDF file in a USB flash drive. Otherwise, your presentation file may not work appropriately. To avoid unnecessary technical troubles, you can not use your own computer.

For online presenters, Session chair will play your pre-recorded presentation movie, to avoid the internet connection issues, the live Q&A session via the Zoom will follow your movie. Therefore we request you all to upload a pre-recorded presentation movie with the following specifications. If you don’t upload it, your presentation would be cancelled.

Aspect ratio: 16:9 or 4:3
Image resolution: 1080px
Video length: no longer than 12 minutes
File format:.mp4
Submission due: 1st August 2022




For Session Chairs and Assistants
Session Chairs moderate oral presentations and manage the time of each session.
Assistants notify the time by the bell (1st ring: 10 minutes, 2nd ring: 12 minutes, and 3rd ring: 15 minutes)
They may change the time allocation for each presenter when necessary to avoid the conflict of scheduled time of the other sessions.

For YUPN Presentation Award, please nominate one best presentation from your session through a designated form delivered on the conference day.