The 16th Japan Earthquake Engineering Symposium

Instruction of Presentation

 Oral Session Program
 Poster Session Program
 International Keynote Session
 Special Session
Technology Exhibitions
Walking map of related monuments of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake)
 ※To be handed out at the registration desk to those who have registered
Excursion to related monuments of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake
 ※Application has been closed
 ※Papers will be made available to registered participants.

Instruction of Oral Presentation
  1. Please contact the session chairperson(s) to show your presence by at least five minutes before the session start.
  2. For all the sessions, twelve minutes including four minutes discussion are allocated for your presentation.
  3. A digital projector is available. Please bring your own PC and your presentation file, and confirm the connection using HDMI cable before the session start.
  4. Without the special circumstances including the unexpected situation, the substitute presentation is not accepted.

Instruction of Poster Presentation
There is no reception desk for poster presentation. Please put your poster on the decided panel.

1) Poster presentation session and time are divided into two groups for rooms and core times as shown in Table below.
Gropu Presentation Core time
C1 Day 1 10:30〜18:00
Day 2 10:30〜18:25
Day 3 10:30〜15:40
Days 1-3   12:30〜13:10
C2 Day 1    17:20〜18:00
Day 2    17:45〜18:25
Group Room
PA G401+G402
PB G412+G413
2) The size of poster panel is 185cm(width) and 116cm(height). The poster number which is same as presentation number in the program is indicated at the top of the panel. The pins for poster pasting are prepared.
3) Please remove your poster after the presentation time. The poster left on the panel is discarded.