With the Corona Disaster, we now have the means to "easily connect online. The development of ICT technology has also provided us with the means to "easily upload and share videos. Furthermore, artificial intelligence can compile vast information on the Internet. The Internet can now be summarized in an easy-to-understand manner by artificial intelligence. In these changes in the situation,

How should we design learning?

Why not just use Youtube?
Why not just go online?
Just ask an AI!

We hear such voices. What is the point of teaching at universities? On the other hand, it is also a learning experience for us to gather here in the name of conference presentations. We also learn when we work together to organize a conference. If you think about it, "learning" is everywhere around us.

We want to learn from each other throughout this year's Spring Conference, the 70th. At the same time, we would like to deepen our discussion on "How should we design learning in the future? We want to deepen your conversation on "How should we create understanding in the future?

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Added “Presentation Method” page. Please see it.

(2023/05/31 11:50 AM)


Registration is now open. The deadline for online payment is June 21, 23:59 JST.

(2023/05/01 7:26 PM)



Registration is now closed. Thank you very much for the many submissions. The Abstract Editorial Committee will check the submitted abstracts for formatting. We will contact you if something should be improved. Thank you for your continued support.

Registration will open on May 1.

(2023/04/08 11:01 AM)


The deadline for presentation registration has been extended to April 7 at 23:59 JST.
We look forward to receiving your registration.

(2023/03/31 7:24 PM)


(2023/03/22 1:32 PM)

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