Reception Method

Registration on Confit is required to attend the conference.
Those who have registered to present will also need to register separately.
Please note that those who are not presenting will also need to register if they wish to attend the conference on-site.

QR code will be used for registration at this year's event.
Please complete the following tasks prior to registration.
Preliminary work
1. Log in to Confit.

2. Click "Click here to perform each procedure or update the information."

3. Click "Certificate Download."

4. Print out PDF in A4 size.

On the day of the conference
Please use the QR code printed on the printed-out A4 paper for resistration.

If you forget to print out your A4 Paper...
Please log in to Confit with your smartphone and click "Click here to perform each procedure or update the information" to access the page with the QR code, and please use your smartphone for your resistration.