Presentation Method

For Oral presentations

Access the ZOOM URL set up for each venue and share your presentation on the screen. Suppose you have difficulty accessing ZOOM due to network connection problems. In that case, etc., you may use an HDMI cable to connect directly to a projector or other equipment for your presentation. However, conversion cables will not be provided, so please bring your conversion cables, etc.

  • Presentation time will be 15 minutes, and Q&A time will be 5 minutes.
  • The host institution will provide WiFi access for participants and presenters.


For Poster presentations

We will set up one side of the partition (another presenter will use the back side) and a table for each presenter. After using these tables and sections to display your work,  please answer questions from the audience in front of your exhibit during the poster session (11:10-12:30).

  • At least the presentation must display one A1-size poster.
  • Posters larger than A1 size allow as long as they are within the partition frame.
  • Multiple posters also allow as long as they fit within the partition frame and on the table.
  • Tables may be used freely for displaying actual equipment, etc.
  • Please avoid exhibits that may be scratched or covered with glue or other adhesives.
  • If you use a power supply, please prepare an extension cord (approx. 2 m long).

Attachment dimensions: W-800mm / H-1,650mm
Fabric: Felt fabric, magnet cannot be attached

Dimensions: W - 1,800mm D - 450 to 900mm / H - 720mm
*Multiple types of tables are mixed.
*Depth dimensions vary depending on the table.

Hooks for hanging are available for rent.

Please note that no other loaner items (cellophane tape, etc.) are available.