The 15th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry


Date and time: September 9 (Thursday), 2021, 18:40~20:40
Place: Banquet hall on SpatialChat (URL can be found after login)
Food and drinks: Please prepare your own.

Program (all will be held on a "stage")
  1. 18:45 Greetings from the chairman of executive committee: Kazunori Matsuura (Tottori University)
  2. Greetings: Prof. Hiroyuki Asanuma (Nagoya University)
  3. Greetings: Prof. Yoshitsugu Shiro (University of Hyogo)
  4. Toast: Prof. Masahiro Goto (Kyushu University)
  5. 19:30 Awarding ceremony: Prof. Shun Hirota (NAIST) and Hiroshi Inaba (Tottori University)  The winners of the lecture and poster awards will be asked to take the stage to give a few words about their awards.
  6. Information for next symposium: Prof. Katsutoshi Hori (Nagoya University)
  7. Closing remarks:  Noriho Kamiya (Kyushu University)

Moderator: Toshiki Nokami (Tottori University). Please let us know if you have any questions during the banquet (

How to participate
1. Please join the SpatialChat after logging in. Please note that you will not be able to enter the room until 18:30 on September 9 (until then, a countdown to the time you can enter the room will be displayed on the screen).

2. Once you have logged in, please proceed with your name as "Name (Affiliation)". Once you are logged in, you will first be in the room "biosympo2021 Banquet Hall 1", but please go to the "Stage" to watch the program (the list of rooms is on the right side of the screen, double click on the second one from the top). The list of rooms can be accessed by clicking on the "humanoid" symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and can be hidden by clicking on the same button. Please keep your camera "on" if possible so that we can see the faces of the participants.
Put your name and continue                                     Join Space​

List of the rooms on the right

3. When you move to the "Stage", please do not press the "Go on Stage" button unless you are a speaker. If you press the button, you will go up to the stage. On the stage screen, only the speakers can speak. Please use messages and pictograms to communicate (react).

4. After the toast is made, everyone is welcome to join in the conversation until the award ceremony. You can deepen your friendship in Banquet Halls 1-3 (3 rooms with a capacity of 50 people), or you can enjoy chatting with your friends in the other rooms. In the other rooms (10 rooms, each with a capacity of 50 people), famous sightseeing spots in Tottori will be included, and an introductory video will be played for your enjoyment. Except for the stage, there is no room that can accommodate 300 people at once. Also, please note that the stage is not available for chatting.

5. In SpacialChat, you can hear each other when you are close to each other, but you cannot hear each other when you are apart. If you go to another room, you will not be able to hear the voices in the other rooms. If there is a program event, an announcement will be made to the entire venue including the other rooms, so please gather at the stage if possible.

6. If you wish to leave the room, please press the power button "Leave Space" at the top of the screen (upper right corner). You are free to enter and leave SpatialChat during the banquet, but please refrain from letting outsiders in by informing the URL to outsiders of this symposium. The administrator will delete the person as soon as it is confirmed that the person is an outsider.
Leave Space

7. We are aiming for two hours, but please feel free to stay after the closing.

Thank you for your cooperation. 

The chairman of executive committee: Kazunori Matsuura
In charge of banquet: Toshiki Nokami