The 15th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry

Style of oral presentation

Style of oral presentation
  • The presentation time per oral presentation is 20 minutes (15 minutes for the presentation, 5 minutes for the discussion, including the changeover time). The remaining time will be displayed on the screen of the venue staff using the timerKIT for research meetings as shown on the right.
  • Presentations and Q&A sessions will be held in real time using Zoom, moderated by the chairperson. Please download the latest version of Zoom to your PC.
  • Oral presentation materials should be prepared using PowerPoint, keynotes, etc., and in a format that is compatible with Zoom screen sharing operations.
  • When the time for your presentation is approaching, please open your PowerPoint or other media and wait. When it is time for your presentation, please turn on the video and microphone, and start your presentation with a slide show by sharing the screen under the chairperson's supervision.
  • To prevent connection problems, presenters are requested to attend the session they will be presenting in advance and check the operation during breaks. Please note that animations and videos may not be displayed smoothly. Please check the operation beforehand.
  • We will present certificates to some of the applicants for the Section Lecture Award (to be announced and awarded at the banquet).

Notes for participants
  • Please indicate your real name and affiliation (e.g., Taro Tottori (Tottori Univ.)). If your name is inappropriate, your participation may not be approved.
  • During the presentation, please turn off the microphone and video (except for the presenter and chairperson).
  • To ask a question after presentation, please turn on the microphone and video and write in the chat box (e.g., I have a question). The chairperson will look at it and nominate you, and then you can ask your question orally.
  • Taking pictures of the presentation screen (including screen shots) and recording are strictly prohibited.
  • You are free to enter and leave during the presentation.

To the chairpersons
  • We would appreciate it if you could turn on the microphone and video when you are moderating, and turn them off during presentation or when they are not needed.
  • During the Q&A session, you will be notified that there is a question in the chat box. Please look at it and nominate a questioner. It is recommended to end the Q&A session one minute before the end of the discussion to allow for turnover time.
  • If you have any connection problems, please contact the secretariat immediately via chat or email.


Secretariat of The 15th Symposium on Biorelevant Chemistry

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