The 73
rd Divisional Meeting of Division of
Colloid and Surface Chemistry

Colloid and Interface Science Expanding as
an Integrated and Interdisciplinary Science

  • Depending on social circumstances related to COVID-19, a format and/or rooms of the meeting may be subject to change. Please be forewarned.

  • As of May 24 June 14 (updated), the meeting is planned to be held in a hybrid format: Oral presentation can be given either at the onsite venue or online. Poster session will be held only online.

September 20 (Tue) - 22 (Thu), 2022

Higashi-Hiroshima campus (Higashihiroshima city)

Important Announcements

Presenters are ask to confirm 'Eligibility for Presentation' and then make registration. (July 2)
A website of Young Scientist's Meeting is open. (June 16)
Application for Advertisement & Exhibition is available. (June 14) 


Plenary Lecture(Sep. 21 (Wed), Afternoon)

14:00-14:50  (in Jpn)(tentative)

 (Hiroshima Univ. (Japan))  Satoshi Ueno 


14:50-15:40 (in Jpn) (tentative)   

"Life as a Matter of Interface Dynamics"   

(Heidelberg Univ. (Germany) / Kyoto Univ. (Japan))  Motomu Tanaka   



Special Lecture(Sep. 21 (Wed), Afternoon)

15:40-16:30 (in Jpn)(tentative)

"Manual manipulation of molecular machines, nanocarbon synthesis, stem cell differentiation control, all can be done at the liquid interfaces"

 (NIMS / Univ. of Tokyo (Japan))  Katsuhiko Ariga


Encouragement Award Lecture 

Young Scientist Award

(date to be annouced)(in Jpn)

"Development of a new sugar-based synthetic approach towards carbonaceous nanostructures and porous bodies via formation of nanoscale interfaces under a hydrothermal environment"

 (AIST (Japan))   Shiori Kubo

(date to be annouced)(in Eng)   

"Solid solution alloy nanoparticles synthesized by sputter deposition
onto liquid and their catalytic properties" (tentative) 

(Hokkaido Univ. (Japan))   Mai Thanh Nguyen   



Young Engineer Award

 (date to be annouced)(in Jpn)
 Structural control of α-type hydrated crystal (α-gel) prepared by long alkyl-chain amido amine L-Lactic acid salt / higher alcohol / water
 (Kao Corp. (Japan)) Takanori Saitou


(date to be annouced)(in Jpn) 

"Developing a method to stabilize low soluble surfactant in liquid detergent at low temperatures" (tentative) 

 (Lion Corp. (Japan)) Astunori Morigaki 

Important Dates

Abstract submisison for oral presentaion June 3 (Fri) 15 (Wed)  20 (Mon) (Closed) 
Abstract submisison for poster presentaion June 24 (Fri)  29 (Wed) (Closed)
Early-bird rate registration June 1 (Wed) - Aug 1 (Mon)
Standard registration
Aug 2 (Tue) - Sep 22 (Thu) 16:00 JST




Latest Announcement

Presenters are ask to confirm 'Eligibility for Presentation' mentioned in 'Presentation Instruction' in the left menu and then make registration.

(2022/07/02 10:00 AM)

The application deadline for poster presentation is extended until June 29 (Wed) 12:00 (JST).

(2022/06/21 11:45 AM)

A website of Young Scientist's Meeting is open.

(2022/06/16 11:17 PM)

A website of application for Advertisement & Exhibition is open.

(2022/06/14 3:07 PM)

The application deadline for oral presentation is extended until June 20 (Mon) 12:00 (JST).

(2022/06/12 8:04 AM)

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