The 73rd Divisional Meeting of DCSC


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[1] Altech Co., LTD

Altech Co., LTD We provide a wide variety of research assisting solutions by proposing a variety of scientific instruments having cutting-edge technologies to our customers in the broad application areas from acad...

[2] Anton Paar Japan K.K.

Anton Paar Japan K.K. The Anton Paar Group is headquartered in the Republic of Austria and will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. Over 3400 employees at the headquarters in Graz, nine other producing subsidiari...

[5] Mageleka Japan Co,. Ltd.

Mageleka Japan Co,. Ltd. About Mageleka Inc
●Company History●
Mageleka was formally established in 2016 by six experienced entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists. Their mutual frustration was with the lack of current dev...

[4] Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Nikko Chemicals Co., Ltd. NIKKO CHEMICALS is the core company of the six-company NIKKOL GROUP.
Since its founding in 1946, our expertise in colloid chemical and skin science has been highly regarded in the fields of persona...


SHASHIN KAGAKU Co.,Ltd. We / Shashin Kagaku would like to lead a manufacturer to get the answer to solve the problem faced during the production process.
As historical company more than 140 years, we have created 4 specia...