The 73rd Divisional Meeting of DCSC


This website (hereinafter, this site) is managed by the Division of Colloid and Surface Chemistry, the Chemical Society of Japan (hereinafter, the Division) using the site operated by Atlas. Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Atlas) to hold the Divisional Meeting of Division of Colloid and Surface Chemisrty (hereinafter, the meeting) sponsored by the Division. The Division shall also handle the disclaimers in the terms of use of Atlas (described on this site) that apply to those who use this site (hereinafter, users, including participants of this meeting). Additional disclaimers are listed below.

Additional disclaimers
(1) Depending on the user's environment and Internet communication conditions, there may be cases where the connection to this site become unstable, and videos and audios are not transmitted clearly. In this case, the Division will not take any responsibility.
(2) The information provided on this site is strived to ensure accuracy and up-to-date, but it is not guaranteed, and the Division cannot take any responsibility for any errors. In addition, the information provided on this site may be changed or updated without notice.
(3) The Division may cancel or suspended (parts of) this meeting without notifying the users in advance in the following cases. The Division shall not be liable for any damages caused to users.
  (i) In the event of a natural disaster, or other emergency such as a serious fire, power outage, spread of illuness, or riot.
  (ii) In case of suspension of live distribution equipment for inspection, repair, improvement, etc.
  (iii) To protect the interests of the Division, users, or other third parties, or if the Division determines that it is unavoidable.
  (iv) If it is difficult to implement due to unexpected accident, illness, condolence, etc. of the speaker.
If (parts of) this meeting is cancelled or interrupted due to the above reasons, etc., the Division will explain the circumstances to users at a later date as necessary.