12th East Asian Dam Conference (EADC)

Half Day City Tour

On June 3, we will tour Nagoya City, the SCMAGLEV and Railway Park, and Nagoya Castle in the afternoon for half a day. Enjoy the gorgeous castle, a symbol of Nagoya's prosperous history, and the evolution of modern railroad technology.
At the end of the tour, a reception with Nagoya meshi (Nagoya foods) is planned.
The tour will be conducted on a private bus, accompanied by a local guide and English interpreter.
①Number of participants: 80 (estimated)
②Tour guides: Several host committee staff members, a Japanese-speaking tour guide and an English interpreter per bus
③Means of transportation: Two buses
④Date: June 3, 12:30-20:00
⑤Itinerary: Nagoya City ➡Honmaru Palace of Nagoya Castle
          ➡SCMAGLEV and Railway Park ➡Nagoya City