5th Fatty Pig International Conference



Now you can see the overall schedule of the 5th Fatty Pig International Conference (including tentative plan).
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Scientific program

Schedule Contents

Day 1 Wed 27 November 2019

09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome and opening
10:30 Group photo session
10:45 Coffee break
11:15 Session 1: Current status of indigenous pigs, regional specialties and problems 
Chair: Dr Tamas SOMFAI

Keynote: Dr Jozsef RATKY 
  Perspectives of fatty pig breeds and expected contribution of R&D
Oral 1: Dr Satoshi NAKAMURA
  History of Okinawa Agu pigs and commitment to establish brand pork using this local breed
Oral 2: Dr Yasushi TOYOSHIMA
  Breed characteristics of Okinawa Agu pigs: meat quality and genetics
Oral 3: Dr Synan S. BAGUIO
  Status of Native Pig Conservation and Utilization in the Philippines
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Session 2: Preservation, breeding and genetics
Chair: Dr Masaaki TANIGUCHI

Keynote: Dr Ming-Che WU
  Conservation of miniature Lanyu pig breed and development of inbreeding lines for laboratory animal model
Oral 1: Dr Marcus BATES
  Practical genetic monitoring systems for traditional pig breeds 
Oral 2: Dr Mercedes IZQUIERDO
  Genetic diversity studies and preservation strategies of endangered strains included in the Iberian Pig HerdBook 
Oral 3: Dr Kei TERADA
  Estimation of genetic parameters and effects of low TDN diet for carcass and meat quality traits in Duroc and Jinfua crossbred, FUJIKINKA
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Session 3: Physiology, reproduction and development, reproductive technologies in fatty pigs
Chair: Dr Tamas SOMFAI

Keynote: Dr Christopher GRUPEN
  The highly inbred Westran pig for xenotransplantation research: Using advanced reproductive technologies to preserve genetics
Oral 1: Dr Antonio GONZALEZ-BULNES
  Current status of reproductive management and implications on offspring productivity in the Iberian sow
Oral 2: Dr Francisco Ignacio HERNANDEZ-GARCIA
  Unexpected findings of potential physiological relevance during the development of long-term immunocastration protocols for male Iberian pigs
Oral 3: Dr Van Khanh NGUYEN
  Vitrification of in vitro produced zygotes for the gene banking of Vietnamese native pigs

Day 2 Thu 28 November 2019

09:00 Session 4: Nutrition, feeding, farm management and production systems
Chair: Dr Masaya KATSUMATA
Keynote: Dr Tomoyuki KAWASHIMA
  Ecofeed and pig production
Oral 1: Dr Jose Manuel MARTINS
  Effects of physical activity on blood, growth and carcass parameters of the Alentejano pig
Oral 2: Dr Vladimir MARGETA
  Production of Dalmatian and Istrian prosciutto from Crna Slavonska (Black Slavonian) pig 
Oral 3: Dr Bui Thi To NGA
  Farming condition and diseases in Vietnamese native pig resources: An example in the Man breed
10:30 Coffee break
11:00 Session 5: Meat quality and products 
Chair: Dr Ryoichi SAKATA

Keynote: Dr Keisuke SASAKI
  Consumers’ acceptance of pork meat: Factors affecting purchasing intention and eating preference
Oral 1: Dr Sora HAYASHIDA
  Production of the dry fermented sausage using Mangalica's fat in Tokachi
Oral 2: Dr Kasumi SUZUKI
  Effect of Mycoplasma pneumonia of swine lesion severity on backfat thickness and marbling score
12:30 Session 6: Marketing, business and the impact on policy on premium pork production.
Chair: Dr Takeyuki OZAWA
Keynote: Dr Takeyuki OZAWA
  The production and distribution system of the “TOKYO X” pork, - Aiming as an official ingredient for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic -
Oral 1: Dr Satoshi HAYASHI
  Improvement of Feeding and Production Efficacy in Vietnamese Native Pigs
13:15 Lunch [Society meeting to decide the next meeting]
14:15 Poster Session
15:15 Open discussion
Future of native pig resources against the outbreak of infectious disease
Closing remarks
Research Exchange Gathering
(Monte Nevado Fatty Pig Award Ceremony)

Day 3 Fri 29 November 2019

09:00 Full day technical tour