5th Fatty Pig International Conference

Greeting from the President

Welcome to the 5th Fatty Pig Conference

The President: Professor Dr Noboru Manabe
Osaka International University


President: Professor Dr Noboru Manabe

Dear Colleagues, Okinawa, Japan
The international conference will be held on 27-29 November 2019 in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa, so beautiful island, is roughly 650 kilometers (400 miles) south of the main island of Japan.
Most of fatty pig breeds are special and ancient porcine breeds. They have had the once enormous economic significance which has faded in the light of modern commercial intensive breeds, Landrace, Yorkshire, Duroc etc. and their hybrids.
Some fatty pig breeds, the Mangalica and Iberico, are in Europe Regions. Moreover, fatty pig populations can be found in South East Asian Regions, in Far Eastern Regions (Taiwan, Japan, and mainland China), in Latin America Regions, and in South Africa Regions. The Mangalica and Iberico have demonstrated, that is used for producing premium quality products they can find their relevant market role.
We believe that these special fatty pig breeds incorporate tremendous national, genetic and market values. It is necessary to understand their physiological characteristic and genetic properties in order to be able to convert these results into daily production. In 2009, European and Asian research specialists gathered in Hanoi, Vietnam to launch a “Fatty Pig Group” for these purposes with special regard to European and Asian native fatty pig breeds. After that, the first international conference of fatty pig science and utilization was held in 2011 at Hungary. The 2nd (2013) and the 3rd meeting (2015) conferences were held also in Hungary, and then the 4th conference was held in Badajoz, Spain, 23-24 November 2017.
The forthcoming conference will be firstly held in Far Eastern Regions (27-29 November 2019, Okinawa, Japan). The main objective of the OKINAWA-JAPAN-2019 conference is to congregate producers, technicians, researchers, policy makers and representatives of breeders associations, denominations of origin and geographical indications from various countries, thus encouraging the exchange of knowledge and expertise in order to optimize the fatty pig production systems and related industry. The fatty pig products become more profitable, healthier and environmentally and economically sustainable. Thus, the OKINAWA-JAPAN-2019 conference is intended for those involved in research, technological transfer, knowledge dissemination, animal production and meat product processing and marketing within this or related sectors.
Our Japanese researchers would like to strengthen the initiative and to involve more scientists and industrial actors dedicated for basic and applied research, to change their knowledge as well as to exploit the new scientific results in the daily food industry and business life. We are looking forward to seeing everyone visiting the OKINAWA-JAPAN-2019 conference (27-29 November 2019, Okinawa, Japan) with our greatest hospitality.
Japanese Scientific Committee of OKINAWA-JAPAN-2019