Imaging Conference JAPAN 2019

Presentation Guide

How to prepare documents and files.
 Purpose of this guide:
  • This guide is to provide speakers and authors.
  • AboutShort Presentation for Interactive PapersandPoster Presentation for Interactive Papers, please refer another site.
  • This guide is to provide speakers and authors some guidelines for producing effective presentation at the Imaging conference JAPAN.
    It includes some rules to handle your presentation data file.
Presentation Method: 
In the conference, only the LCD projector can be used. The overhead projector (OHP) cannot be used. MS Power Point (.ppt or .pptx) is installed in the conference PC.
You can use our conference PC or also you can use your own PC.
Presentation Slides: 
Please make the slide with the legible style for audience:
  • Layout: Landscape Format.
  • Language: English in principle. 
  • Slide size should be 4:3 format.
(16:9 will change to small display size. And to prevent any accident, we strongly recommend 4:3 size.)
  • Fonts: Bold-type Fonts (Arial Bold, Palatino Bold, Times Bold, Helvetica Bold, etc.) are recommended for better legibility.
  • Font size: 36 point for title, 24 to 30 point for body.
  • Lines: 9 lines or less in a page.
  • Font color: Consider contrast against background for good legibility.
  • Graph or drawing: Use thick line and put label or short notice.
  • Graph area: No grid lines.
  • Graph index: Use large fonts for scale, index and title.
  • Animation and video: If use the conference PC, avoid complex setting or large motion picture data. Take your own PC if you intend to show some special effect or to handle large volume data.
  • To members who use the conference PC or use your own PC both. In the case of unexpected error, please prepare USB device which installed a copy of your presentation file converted to PDF.(In order to cover form every accident)
  • Our projector have D-sub 15pin only (analog RGB input). If you have only HDMI output, please prepare converter by yourself.
Conference PC:
  • The conference PC is installed Windows 10 and Office365.
  • Please install files from your own USB device.
  • At the registration desk for the speaker, please install and check the motion of your presentation file yourselves with the executive committee.
Own PC:
  • Our projector have D-sub 15pin only (analog RGB input). If you have only HDMI output, please prepare converter by yourself.
  • Please connect to projector and check the work before your session.
Presentation Time: 
Presentation time allotted for each type of paper is as follows. Please check your presentation time and keep to it in order to conduct the program smoothly.
[General Papers (Oral)] 
20 minutes (includes 5-minute Q&A time) 
[Invited Papers / Granted Papers] 
Keynote Speech: 50 minutes (includes 5-minute Q&A time)
Topical Lecture Invited Paper :30 minutes (includes 5-minute Q&A time)
Commemoration Lecture of Paper Award and Konica Minolta Research Encouraging Grant: 30 minutes (includes 5-minute Q&A time)
[Authors' Interview (General papers)] 
Authors' Interview is scheduled after the session. Presenters are required to prepare the copy of presentation materials.
 [Time]: 10~20 minutes (basically)
 [Venue]: Near the exit of the conference room (Check the place before the session begins.)
How to handle the presentation file: 
Please decontaminate your USB device with the newest security data before you plug it into the conference PC.