Imaging Conference JAPAN 2019

Program Topics

  1. Electrophotography
Process, Device, Material, Mechanics, System Control, Paper, Applications, Mesurement Technique, etc.
  1. Inkjet
Printhead, Ink, Media, Mechanics, System Control, Application, Measurement Technique, etc.
  1. Direct Marking
Toner Marking, Thermal Print, etc.
  1. Green Technology,
 Environmental Protection and Energy Saving
  1. Electronic Paper / Electronic Imaging
Electronic Paper, Rewritable marking, etc.
  1.  Digital Fabrication
Printed Electroncs, Bio Print, etc.
  1. 3D Printing
  1. 2.5D,  Decorative Printing
  2. Novel Imaging
  3. Image Input, Image Processing and Network
    Scanner, Document Management, Solution, etc. 
  4. Image Measurement and Evaluation
  5. Light Source, Color and Sensibility Kansei on Imaging
  6. Simulation