The 33rd JASID Annual Conference

πŸ’™ Jimbocho Walk

Please visit Jimbocho's used bookstore district on Saturday, December 3; most stores will be closed on December 4.


Kanda, Jimbocho, and Ochanomizu, near the venue, are beautiful towns. Jimbocho is the only place where Tale of Genji picture scrolls and Kaitai Shinsho are sold in stores. I hope you will enjoy walking around the city in between the conference.


Please look at the free papers and maps created by the students while walking around the town (Both are only in Japanese).


(We also hope you will enjoy Jimbocho's coffee shops and curry stores (not only Western-style curries, but also authentic South Indian, Sri Lankan, and Bangladeshi curries), as well as Argentinian, and Russian cuisine).


For more information on Jimbocho, check out the Kanda/Jimbocho/Ochanomizu Walker (only in Japanese), just published by Kadokawa in October, for the latest information on stores in Jimbocho. If you see it, please take a look at page 33.