The 33rd JASID Annual Conference

🏠 Capacity of the December 3 Session Venues

We would like to inform you of a few things that we would like you to know in advance for those attending the sessions on December 3. 
The capacity of the venue on Saturday, December 3, is limited, but the venue on Sunday, December 4, will be fine.
The capacity of the venue on Saturday, December 3, is limited. This is due to the limited number of classrooms that the university can rent outside due to the Corona pandemic and the fact that many rooms are being used for classes and other events. Therefore, we regret that we will be forced to request online viewing of the program if the number of people accommodated exceeds the room's capacity.
The number of people each room can accommodate is listed in the program outline.
You can also view the facilities of each classroom, along with photos, here (however, the venue for the University Hall on December 3 is not listed here).
We considered renting an outside venue, but the cost of setting up the equipment for a hybrid session is too high for the conference budget. In addition, we could not rent a nearby venue, which we usually rent at a lower cost, due to the corona pandemic. We would appreciate your understanding.