The 33rd JASID Annual Conference

πŸŽ™ Presentation Method at the Conference

To all speakers
  • Please follow the instructions of the chairperson for specific details within the session, such as the progress of the session, pre-circulation of the PowerPoint presentation, etc. (The Zoom link is currently being prepared.)
  • For more information about the session venue please click here for more information about the session venue (note that the venue in the University Hall cannot be seen here).
  • There will be one PC and two microphones (one for the presenter and the other for the chairperson and audience questions). 
  • Since this is a fixed-desk classroom, we would like the chairperson and presenters to sit in the front row of the classroom. Please step out to the podium when you speak to facilitate your presentation and discussion.
  • We plan to have three students (zoomer, timekeeper, and microphone operator) in the classroom. Unfortunately, a few students have been infected with the new corona little by little. Since this is a large conference, we gather part-timers from various universities. Still, suppose the infection spreads in the future. In that case, we may not be able to set up a three-person team (a mix of mainly undergraduate students (2nd-4th year) from Meiji University, the University of Tokyo, Keio University, and other universities).
  • In addition, some conference committee members may become infected or have close contact with the infected. In this case, the overall follow-up with the students will be less effective (and it may also be the case that preparations on the day of the conference will not go smoothly). Although we have provided sufficient training for students to prepare for cases in which the conference committee members cannot be at the venue on the day of the conference, there may be limits to what we can do depending on the situation. We apologize for this. We would be grateful if all participants would support the students who will be at the venue in case such a situation arises before the day of the event.
  • Cameras are installed on the ceiling at the rear of each venue (except for the University Hall). The images will be transmitted in such a way as to show the front of the venue. Please note that the camera will not show close-up images of the presenters, chairpersons, or discussants (This will be a regular Zoom meeting, not a webinar.)

For presenters who will be presenting in person
  • Presenters are requested to bring their PPT on USB and store it on their PCs or connect via Zoom and share the screen from there.
  • The video from the PC in the classroom will be set up to show only the front of the room from the camera installed on the ceiling behind the classroom.
  • Please check the operation during the break time before your presentation. Since the break time is limited, please check the camera's operation as soon as possible during the break.
  • Each oral presentation will have 30 minutes (20 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for comments, 3 minutes for answers, and 2 minutes for questions and answers). The timekeeper's bell will announce elapsed time at the following time.
(Oral presenters)
10 minutes remaining (1 bell), 3 minutes remaining (2 bells), zero (end, three bells)

3 minutes remaining (1 bell), zero (end, two bells)
  • There are two wireless microphones in the classroom: one for the presenter and one for the chairperson, discussant, and audience. Presenters will find sanitizable wet wipes at the podium. Please use them as needed.

For online presenters
  • The Zoom display name should be "Name" + "(Affiliation)" (e.g., Go Shimada (Meiji University)). An inappropriate display may result in your participation is denied.
  • Online presenters will not be informed of the remaining time from the venue, so please manage your presentation by yourself.
  • Please enter the Zoom room of the session in advance to confirm that screen sharing is working.
  • Animations and videos may not be displayed smoothly, so please check the operation of slides that include videos.
  • When your presentation time is approaching, please open your presentation file and stand by. Then, when it is time for your presentation, please turn on the video and microphone, follow the chairperson's announcement, and start sharing your presentation file on the screen.
  • If you are using the Zoom desktop application, please update to the latest version. It is recommended to check the operation of your Zoom microphone and video in advance. (Zoom Meeting Test)
  • We recommend using a wired LAN connection or high-speed Wi-Fi for the Internet connection.
  • To prevent noise and feedback, we recommend using earphones with a microphone headset/an external microphone/an external pin microphone.
For Chairpersons and Discussants
  • Please arrive at the venue at least 10 minutes before the session starts. Please talk to students who are waiting in the session venue.
  • Time management will be left to the chairperson, so we ask for your cooperation in ensuring the smooth running of the session so that it will be completed within the scheduled time. The timekeeper will ring the bell at the above time. Please confirm the timing with the timekeeper (or indicate the timing) before the start of the session.
  • Questions will be accepted from the venue and ZOOM audience (via chat only). However, questions from the venue audience will be given priority. For the Q&A session, please be sure to use the microphone, as some participants will be online. After using the microphone, please disinfect it with the wet wipes on the podium or the disinfectant in front of the classroom.

For online (Zoom) participants
  • The Zoom display name should be "Name" + "(Affiliation)" (e.g., Go Shimada (Meiji University)). An inappropriate display may result in your participation is denied.
  • Please turn off your video and microphone during your presentation. Questions will be accepted via chat only. However, questions from the audience will be given priority.
  • Recording, recording, screenshotting, etc., of presentations, is strictly prohibited.
  • You are free to enter and leave during the presentation.

To Participate in Zoom meetings.
  • Select the program timetable. Click the "Join the Zoom" button displayed in the desired session. You will be asked for a password. Enter the password to enter the room.
  • Please note that the password is not on your Confit or JASID but the one we sent you after you paid the registration fee.
  • As we have repeatedly informed you, there is a high possibility that the venue will be busy on the day of the event, so if you need to inquire, please do so by the day before. Please note that you can enter all Zoom with that password.