The 86th Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association

For Participants

Venue (in-person)
College of Humanities and Sciences , Nihon University
3-25-40, Sakurajosui, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-8550​
*Access Map
Reception desk / Cloakroom:  One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 1F
Temperature check station: One-Hundred Anniversary Hall / Building No.3/Main Building B1F(September 10th)
Exhibition One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 
Poster Presentation: One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 
Rest rooms: One-Hundred Anniversary Hall / Building No.3(2F-3203, 3204, 3F-3308, 4F-3408)
*Campus Map(in Japanese)

*Floor Plan (in Japanese)

Format of the Annual Convention
We are offering both in-person and online (hybrid) formats for the Convention.

Presentation by Type Number of presentations Length Format
Keynote Address 3 2 hours in-person /on-demand
Commemorative Lecture for the JPA Awards for International Contribution to Psychology 9 1 hour in-person /on-demand
Invited Symposium 16 1 hour in-person /livestream/on-demand
Regular Symposium 42 2 hours on-demand
Tutorial Workshop 14 2 hours in-person /on-demand
Short Lecture 10 1 hour on-demand
Public Symposium 8 2 hours in-person /livestream/on-demand
Poster Presentation 859 2 hours in-person

* In-person presentations are also livestreamed over Zoom when possible.
* Public Symposia are included in the Invited Symposia.
How to attend in person

1. Complete the registration and fee payment prior to the event, and visit the venue on the day of the event.
2. Registration at the event site is not accepted. Please register and pay fees using a device such as a PC or smartphone prior to visiting the venue. You may also register during the event period. 

<Participant badge>
1. You must print the participant badge from Confit, and bring it to the event. (You may start printing the evening of September 2nd.) If you forget to bring your badge, please report to the reception.
2. You must wear the participant badge by inserting it in the special holder, which will be provided daily, so that it is visible to other participants and event staff.

<Registration upon arrival and infection prevention>
1. Please refrain from attending in person if any of the following apply to you.
  • Having symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, and decreased sense of smell and taste.
  • Within two weeks of the event, you have visited countries or areas where infections continue to spread. Or if you have had close contact with a person who visited such places.
  • Within two weeks of the event, you have had close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Within two weeks of the event, someone in your household tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Within two weeks of the event, you have visited a place where its visitors included someone who tested positive for or was suspected of having COVID-19.
*If you planned to give an in-person presentation and can no longer attend in person, please refer to the page for presenters.
2. Please have your temperature checked at the temperature checkpoint upon arriving at the venue. If the event staff determines that you have symptoms, you are not allowed to enter the venue.
*Please submit a health conditions declaration form upon arrival. Details will be announced later.
3. Once you are confirmed to be safe to enter at the temperature checkpoint, you will receive a participant badge holder. A different color holder will be distributed each day so it cannot be reused the following day. The event staff will confirm your eligibility to enter based on the holder color. Once you are confirmed to be safe, you will not need to have your temperature checked again on the same day. If you need to pass the temperature checkpoint again on the same day, please show your holder to the event staff.

4. If you have printed and brought your participant badge, you do not need to go to the reception. Insert your badge in the holder and go towards a respective event hall.
5. If you forget to bring your participant badge, please go to the reception (One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 1F).
6. If you are an invited guest, please go to the reception (One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 1F). You will receive your participant badge.

<Accompanying participant>
1. If you have applied for an accompanying person in advance who satisfies one of the following, s/he can visit as an accompanying participant. No fee will be charged.
  • A family member who is a middle school student or younger.
  • An accompanying person who assists the participant who requires care due to reasons such as disability, injury, illness, or pregnancy.
  • Others who are permitted to accompany upon application to the Organizing Committee.
2. If you are applying for an accompanying person, please use the specified form to register in advance. (Applications will start being accepted on Tuesday, August 30th.)

3. On the day of the event, an accompanying person must check-in at the temperature checkpoint, then visit the reception (One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 1F). A participant badge will be provided.
4. An accompanying person can enter the event halls where the main participant attends or presents. An accompanying person cannot participate in Q&A and discussions.

<How to participate in presentations>
1. For infection prevention, each event hall allows a limited number of people. Please follow the instructions of the event staff for directions.
2. A satellite event hall is assigned to each event hall (Venues 1 to 4) excluding the poster event hall. Presentations are also viewable from satellite event halls. However, the audience at a satellite hall won’t be able to make comments or ask questions to presenters or participants.
3. Most of the in-person presentations at the event halls (Venues 1 to 4), except the poster event hall, will be livestreamed on Zoom. You may also be able to view presentations in real-time outside the event halls. For more details, please refer to “How to participate online” on this webpage.
4. Advance applications for in-person attendance at an event hall/satellite hall are not accepted. Some presentations accept advance applications to participate in Zoom livestreaming events. For more details, please refer to “How to participate online” on this webpage.
5. The presentation program can be viewed here: Program. A program booklet will not be printed.

<Infection prevention and conduct at the venue>
1. Please wear an unwoven mask at the venue.
2. Eating and drinking are prohibited in the lecture halls. You may eat or drink only in designated resting halls.
3. Frequently wash and sanitize hands and fingers, and have a proper manner when coughing.
4. Keep an appropriate distance from other participants.
5. Private conversation must be kept at a minimum.
6. Please consider the rights of others such as portrait rights and copyrights of presented materials when photographing at the event halls. In particular, recording audio, video, and taking photographs during a presentation are strongly prohibited without prior consent. Please be mindful and do not violate the portrait rights of others when taking commemorative photographs of your own presentation. However, please understand that the Organizing Committee and the Office will video record and take photographs in the event halls.
7. You can purchase lunch at restaurants and convenience stores inside the venue as well as nearby restaurants. We do not pre-arrange or sell boxed lunches at the venue. To prevent spreading infections, try not to speak while eating or drinking.
8. We do not announce individuals’ names at the event halls.

9. Wireless LAN is available at the venue. Connection information will be distributed at the venue.
10. No smoking at the venue.

<Childcare facility>
You can book to use the childcare facility at the venue. Registration starts on Friday, August 5th, 2022 at noon until Monday, August 29th at 17:00 (booking will be closed as soon as it reaches capacity). For more details, please refer to Information on childcare facility.

<Reception (cancelled)>
Due to the spread of COVID-19 infections, the member reception is cancelled. We appreciate your understanding.

<Award ceremony and Special Keynote Address>
On Saturday, September 10th (the 3rd day of the Annual Convention) from 16:00 to 16:50, The Japanese Psychological Association Awards for International Contribution to Psychology/Research Awards will be presented at Venue 2 (Main Building B1F Center Hall). At the award ceremony, the recipients of the Research Awards will present an introduction to their research. 
Following this, from 17:00 to 18:00, the pantomime artist Hiromi Hosokawa (Sister Hiromi) will present a Special Keynote Address. For more details, please refer to SL-004 at Keynote Address.
How to participate online
Online content can be accessed from the Program after logging in to the Program Searching System.
Summaries of presentations, presented research, and digital posters from Poster Presentations will be published on the evening of Friday, September 2nd, prior to the Annual Convention. The videos of presentations will be published on Thursday, September 8th at midnight. (The Public Program is planned to be published at noon on the same day.)

If you complete the participation registration, you will receive your login ID and password to access the Program Searching System on the evening of Friday, September 2nd by email. If you register after September 2nd, login information will be emailed to you when you complete payment.

1. [On-demand streaming]
Research papers presented in the Poster Presentation (PDF), digital posters, and videos of lectures and symposia are available for viewing anytime during the Annual Convention and for an extended viewing period after the Convention.

2. [Live streaming of online and in-person presentations (hybrid)]
Real-time participation and viewing are available during events which are planned for livestreaming over Zoom.
Some in-person events will be livestreamed on Zoom where permission is granted by the lecturer and the event planners. Participants can view and participate in real-time during the event.
URLs to access livestreaming events are posted on the respective event’s webpage or on the program schedule.
The livestreaming URL becomes accessible ten minutes prior to the event. However, access is limited to the maximum number allowed by Zoom (500).

3. [Booking for livestreaming]
Some events for livestreaming of online and in-person presentations (hybrid) require prior booking. Such events provide the URL to access livestreaming only to those who are registered.
Booking for livestreaming events will start on Tuesday, August 30th at 15:00. For more details, please refer to Booking for live streaming.

1. Using the comment section on each presentation webpage, you are able to ask questions and receive responses for on-demand streaming presentations.
2. The Q&A period is during the Annual Convention (Thursday, September 8th to Sunday, September 11th at 18:00). During the extended viewing period after the Convention (until Tuesday, October 11th), the comment section can still be used, however, please understand that a response may not be received from the presenters.
3. If you have questions for livestreaming presentations, please post your questions on the streaming platform (Zoom).
4. In principle, livestreaming of in-person presentations (hybrid) will address questions from the in-person attendees. Whether or not the presenter responds to questions from the Zoom audience depends on how the event was designed by the event planner.
Introduction to the Annual Convention in general (common for both in-person and online)

<Broadcasting information>
The following media platforms are used to provide a variety of information to participants.
<Reasonable accommodations (subtitles)>
This Convention aims for mutual respect of all participants in terms of human rights and individuality. For instance, the event takes initiatives to ensure access to information whether or not participants have disabilities. As part of such initiatives, if on-demand streaming has subtitles, it is noted in the program.
Even for those videos without subtitles, we have asked all presenters and lecturers to provide more readable information in words, and to consider color contrast/variations.

1. This Annual Convention does not print a booklet format of the program. For more information about the program, please refer to the Annual Convention homepage.
2. The floor plan is distributed at event halls for the Poster Presentation/Exhibition (One-Hundred Anniversary Hall 1F Arena). The floor plan includes the maps for the Exhibition, event halls, and schedules of real-time events.

3. The Proceedings of the Annual Convention will be published after the Convention. The date and the price of the publication will be sent out to participants and JPA members once these become available. 

<Receipt, participant badge (proof of participation), and certificate of presentation>
1. Your participation receipt can be downloaded from Confit.
2. The participant badge can be downloaded from Confit starting the evening of September 2nd.
A proof of participation can also be downloaded together with the participant badge.
3. If you require a certificate of presentation, please contact the JPA office at along with the following information.
  • Full name
  • Presentation type
  • Presentation number and title
* A certificate of presentation will be issued for each presentation. If you have multiple presentations for which you need a certificate, please request a certificate for each presentation.

* Certificates will be issued after Monday, September 12th.

* Certificates will be sent via email as a PDF attachment. If you would like to request a physical copy to be mailed, please provide us with your mailing address.