The 144th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan (Yokohama)

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(B) Pharmaceutical Physics

[29P-pm] Functional polymers/Adsorption, interfacial phenomena/Intermolecular interaction/Physical properties of pharmaceuticals /Structural biology

Fri. Mar 29, 2024 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM [Poster] Exhibition Hall AB (1F)

[29P-pm147S] Preparation, characterization of solid-dispersions of Lidocaine with Sulfosalicylic acid

○Manami Nomura1, Mitsuaki Suzuki2, Junki Tomita3, Takashi Tanikawa1, Yutaka Inoue1 (1. Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Josai University, 2. Faculty of Science, Josai University, 3. Instrumental Analysis Center, Josai University)

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