Method for Participating in Live Sessions

Method for Participating in On-line Live Sessions

Following are the list of On-line Live Sessions.

Aug. 22 (Mon)
  9:00-12:00  Oil & Fat Industry Kaikan Award Lectures (Pre-conference event) (in Japanese)
 14:00-17:00  Kanto-district Young Researcher Encouragement Award (Pre-conference event) (in Japanese)

Aug. 23 (Tue)
  9:30-10:00  Opening Ceremony
 13:00-14:30  Public lecture I (at Tokyo) (in Japanese)

Aug. 24 (Wed)
  9:30-11:10  ISF Plenary Lectures
 11:20-12:20  Kaufmann Memorial Lecture
 15:00-16:30  Oleo Material Award Lectures

Aug. 25 (Thu)
  9:30-10:20  JOCS Award Lecture
 10:20-10:50  JOCS Industrial Technology Advanced Award Lecture
 11:00-12:00  JOCS Young Scientist Award Lectures

Aug. 26 (Fri)
 10:00-11:30  JOS (J. Oleo Sci.) Award Lectures

Aug. 30 (Tue)
 15:00-16:30  Live Q&A Sessions for Select Lectures

Aug. 31 (Wed)
  9:30-11:30  Live Q&A Sessions for Oral Presentations

Sep. 1 (Thu)
 10:00-11:30  Oleoscience Editor's Award Lectures

Sep. 2 (Fri)
  9:20-12:00  Live Q&A Sessions for JOCS-AOCS Joint Meeting

Sep. 3 (Sat)
 13:00-15:00  Public lecture II (at Kushiro) (in Japanese)
 16:00-16:30  Closing and Award Ceremony

Followings are the procedures to participate these On-line Live Sessions.
  1. Finding the sessions that you would like to participate
     2. Clicking the [Live Streaming (Zoom)] button at each presentation
for entering into the on-line live session
     3. Asking questions directly at the Zoom meeting