JOCS President: Daikitamoto

(National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)

  Since last year, the spread of COVID-19 has drastically altered social conditions and everyday life. It is becoming more and more difficult to stay safe, and there are restrictions in all aspects of daily life. For many, the “comfortable living” that once existed may have become a distant memory.

  JOCS has the following three distinctive features: 1) we cover a broad spectrum of scientific and technological areas, 2) we have more company-affiliated researchers and engineers than other academic societies, and 3) we target science, technology, and products closely connected with everyday life. Based on these features, our vision is to become “the intersection of science and engineering that breaks new ground in oleo science to support comfortable living”. In other words, JOCS has an open environment where various researchers and engineers can interact with each other and lay the foundation for novel science, technology, and products that support healthy and comfortable lives. 


  In 2022, we will host the 2nd World Congress on Oleo Science (WCOS 2022). I hope it serves as the abovementioned “intersection,” where we can discuss the potential of oleo science for resuming “comfortable living,” which the pandemic destroyed. We encourage you to attend WCOS 2022 and take full advantage of the emerging oleo science.


WCOS 2022 President: Kouichi Asakura

(Keio University)

  The 2nd World Congress on Oleo Science will take place in the summer of 2022 to commemorate JOCS’s 70th anniversary. Oleo science has played an important role in making life clean, healthy, and beautiful, and the future is expected to be exciting and full of innovation. WCOS 2022 will have three sessions: 1) Science on lipids, oils, fats, and their related industrial 
technologies, 2) Oleo materials and nanotechnologies, and 3) Surfactant, detergent, and interface science. Let’s share our cutting-edge research with each other. It is quite unfortunate that we cannot welcome our colleagues in Kushiro, the coolest city in Japan, in the summer of 2022; but I am sure we can all meet in person at the 3rd WCOS in 2027 in Kushiro.