Method for Making Presentations at Live Sessions

Method for Making Presentations at On-line Live Sessions

Followings are the procedures to make presentations at On-line Live Sessions.
1. Finding the sessions that you would like to participate
Search for sessions (https://confit.atlas.jp/guide/event/wcos2022/advanced)
Download PDF program for print (https://confit.atlas.jp/guide/event/wcos2022/proceedings/list)  
2. Clicking the [Live Streaming (Zoom)] button of your presentation for entering into your on-line live session at least 10 min before the beginning
3. Checking that your slide has no problem for making your presentation
(If you are anxious about slide for share screen on the Zoom meeting and would like to confirm the detail, please enter into the following Zoom meeting at 10:00 am – 11:30 am on Aug. 30 (Japan Standard Time). (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81166735862?pwd=ZkRtbVJDYWV4Uk51WkluRGE5TFlZUT09 Meeting ID: 811 6673 5862, Passcode: 482960))
4. Answering to the questions directly at your on-line live session
(In addition to the questions receiving at your on-line live session, you may receive written questions in the Q&A Box at your presentation. You will receive the notice by e-mail when someone wrote questions in your Q&A Box. In that case, please write your answers in the Q&A Box as early as possible. When you write answers, please start with “To: Dr. ·····” to let readers to know that it is the answer to which question. Only English is allowed to be used in questions and answers in the Q&A Box.)