◆Oral Presentations

1)Important schedule
Aug. 1-14: The period for uploading and previewing of the presentation video

   Please prepare a presentation video (12 minutes) in MP4 or AIV or MOV file (with audio) using an application software such as Power Point or Zoom for on-demand  sessions and  submit it as a video file (1GB or less).

   Click here to access the submission website (https://confit-vas.atlas.jp/wcos2022/video/login). Your login ID and PW are the presentation number (POxx) listed on this page and the e-mail address you entered when you registered for your presentation.

Aug. 23- Sept. 3 or 10 (if speaker agrees): The period of browsing videos (registrants only)

   Each presentation will be a 12-minute on-demand video, and Q&A with a chat system.

Aug.31, 9:30~11:30 am, 2022: Live online Q&A session

   Each presentation will be a 2-minute short talk and a 3-minute discussion in  Zoom’s live steaming system. Presenters should participate with an Internet connection speed of 20 Mbps or higher (check here: https://fast.com/ja/).The timetable for the live discussions is as follows. 

Sep,3, 4:00~5:00 pm, 2022: Closing & Award Ceremony

   Oral presentation awards will be presented at the ceremony.

   The presentation topic of each session are Session 1 "science on lipids, oils, fats, and their related industrial technologies”, Session 2 "oleo materials & nanotechnologies,” and Session 3 ” surfactant, detergent, and interface science”.


2) Oral Presentation Awards

   If you have been nominated for any of the following awards, please do your best to win an award in the discussions too.

・WCOS2022 Excellent Presentation Award

  Excellent presentations win the WCOS 2022 Excellent Presentation Award. All presenters automatically become candidates of this award. The award winners get 50,000 Yen as a supplementary prize. In addition, the award winners have the right to submit a review or regular article related to the topic presented at WCOS 2022 on special issue of Journal of Oleo Science without any charge.

・RSC Advances Award

 Young researchers under the age of 40 have the right to apply for RSC Advances Award sponsored by Royal Society of Chemistry. Young researchers who made excellent presentations with an international influence will win this award. Award winners will have the right of one year free-access to one academic journal published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

 ・Student Award

 Students who made excellent presentations will win this award. The award winners get a 10,000 Yen gift card as a supplementary prize. Students have the right to receive both the RSC Advanced Award and the Student Award in addition to WCOS2022 Excellent Presentation Award.