Method for On-demand Video Viewing and QA

Method for Viewing On-demand Video Presentations and QA with Chat

1. All presentations in the following sessions are On-demand Video Presentations in addition to the Live Q&A sessions.
  • JOCS-AOCS Joint Meeting
  • Select Lectures
  • Oral Presentations
2. Followings are the procedures to view On-demand Video Presentations.
  • Finding the presentations that you would like to view
  • Clicking the Play button of On-demand Video at each presentation
  • Two ways of asking questions: i) Writing question in the Q&A Box
    (Please write your questions in the Q&A Box at every presentation. The speaker will receive the notice by e-mail when the question is written in the Q&A Box. Only English is allowed to be used in questions and answers in the Q&A Box.), ii) Asking questions directly at the Live Q&A sessions.