◆JOCS-AOCS Joint Meeting

1)Important schedule

Aug. 1-14: The period for uploading and previewing of the presentation video

   Please prepare a presentation video (25-minutes) in MP4 or AIV or MOV file (with audio) using an application software such as Power Point or Zoom for on-demand  sessions and  submit it as a video file (1GB or less).

   Click here to access the submission website (https://confit-vas.atlas.jp/wcos2022/video/login). Your login ID and PW are the presentation number (JMxx) listed on this page and the e-mail address you entered when you registered for your presentation.

Aug. 23- Sept. 3 or 10 (if speaker agrees): The period of browsing videos (registrants only)

   Each presentation will be a 25-minute on-demand video, and Q&A with a chat system.

・Sep.2, 9:20am~12:00 pm, 2022: Live online Q&A session

   Each presentation will be a 3-minute short talk and a 6-minute discussion in  Zoom’s live steaming system. Presenters should participate with an Internet connection speed of 20 Mbps or higher (check here: https://fast.com/ja/).The timetable for the live discussions is as follows. 

2)Timetable for the live online Q&A

1) Science on Lipids, Oils and Fats and their Related Industrial Technologies
New alternative food technology and processing technology

JM01   Wax-based oleogels - the contribution of wax esters

Eckhard Flöter

Technical Univ. Berlin, Germany

JM02   A hybrid approach to oil structuring - combined oleogelation and capillary suspensions

Dérick Rousseau

Ryerson Univ., Canada

JM03   Novel Triclinic Crystal Structure of Tristearin molecule

Saeed M Ghazani

Univ. of Guelph, Canada

JM04   Challenges and Opportunities for Plant based foods - an industrial perspective

Pulari Nair

Research & Innovation, Danone, North America

JM05   Quantitative evaluation of oleogel stability

Haruhiko Koizumi

Hiroshima Univ.

JM06   Surfactants as Low Molecular Weight Hydrogelators and Their Application to Organogelators

Rie Kakehashi

Osaka Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology

JM07   New food texture design and analysis based on food 3D-printing and machine learning

Makoto Takemasa

Tokyo Denki University

JM08   Koku enhancement effect by lipids and its application to foods

Toshihide Nishimura

Kagawa Nutrition Univ.

JM09   The Sky Is the Limit: The Story of Miracle Meat and the Enchanted Bean

Koji Ochiai


JM10   Unique plant-based seasoning oil and fat products as an alternative to animal fat

Yusuke Tomita

Miyoshi Oil & Fat Co. Ltd.

2) Oleo Materials and Nano-Technologies
Lipid biotechnology - from genetics and metabolism to production and processing

JM11   Development of oilseed aquaculture feedstocks: synthetic biology approaches for productions of oils with high value carotenoids

Edgar Cahoon

Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln

JM12   Targeted genome editing of industrial oilseed crops to increase synthesis of functional lipids

Timothy P. Durrett

Kansas State Univ.

JM13   Genetic compensation of triacylglycerol biosynthesis in the green microalga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Yantao Li

Univ. of Maryland

JM14   Immobilized lipase-catalyzed preparation of 2-ethylhexyl palmitate using stepwise changes on temperature

In-Hwan Kim

Korea Univ.

JM15   Enzymatic interesterification of palm olein in a continuous packed bed reactor: Effect of process parameters on the properties of fats and immobilized lipase

Yong Wang

Jinan Univ.

JM16   Microbial metabolism as a basis for functional lipid development

Jun Ogawa

Kyoto Univ.

JM17   Molecular recognition of long-chain fatty acid esters by cyclodextrin dimers

Toshiyuki Kida

Osaka Univ.

JM18   Efficient production of structured lipids by lipase reaction

Hidenori Konishi

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.

JM19   Development of functional health foods containing medium-chain fatty acids

Shogo Tsujino

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Ltd.

JM20   Composite biorefinery system and genome editing for carbon recycling

Tsunehiro Aki

Hiroshima Univ.

JM21   Identification of novel carotenoids from marine bacteria and their bioactivity

Naoyuki Takatani

Hokkaido Univ.

JM22   Preparation of inorganic particles using amphiphiles as structure and crystal growth directing agents

Hirobumi Shibata

Chiba Institute of Technology

JM23   Pulsed electric field treatment enhances lipid bioaccessibility while preserving oxidative stability in Chlorella vulgaris

Greta Canelli

ETH Zurich & Nestle Research 

3) Surfactants & Detergents and Interface Science
Sustainability and Surfactants

JM24   The Characteristic Curvature (Cc) Concept and Its Use in Assessing Cc Values

Edgar Acosta

University of Toronto

JM25   New Surfactant Developments for Laundry and Hand Dishwashing Detergents

Phillip K. Vinson


JM26   Lightly Branched Alcohol as an Advantageous Hydrophobe for Surfactants in Cleaning Applications

Jeffrey Harwell

Univ. of Oklahoma

JM27   Solving the Challenges of Utilizing More Sustainable Surfactants in Personal Cleansing Products

Hongwei Shen

Colgate Palmolive Company

JM28   Encapsulation of Antimicrobial Peptides in Bicontinuous Microemulsions for Topical Delivery to Surgical Site Infections and Chronic Wounds

Douglas G. Hayes

University of Tennessee

JM29   Ways to Orientate Yourself in HLD Space

Matthew Gerard Lyon


JM30   Sustainable Bio-based Anionic Surfactant for Cleansers,“ Bio-IOS ”

Takanori Saito

Kao Corporation

JM31   Improved Stability of Foams in Ethanol / Water Mixtures

Kenichi Sakai

Tokyo Univ. of Science

JM32   Improv Surfactant-free emulsions Stability of Foams in Ethanol / Water Mixtures

Toshio Sakai

Shinshu Univ.

JM33   Development of sustainable emulsions with a natural polymer microgel

Kei Watanabe

Shiseido Company, Ltd.

JM34   Deep-Sea-Inspired Process for Nanoemulsion Formation

Shigeru Deguchi

Japan Agency for Marine-earth Science and Technology

JM35   Development of Virus Control Technology and Visualization of Infection Risks: Contributing to Freedom from Infectious Diseases

Yasushi Kakizawa

Lion Corporation

  Japan Oil Chemists’ Society (JOCS) and American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS) are organizing the JOCS-AOCS Joint Meeting 2022 virtually during the 2nd WCOS 2022.

  JOCS and AOCS started the joint meeting in 1972 in Los Angeles, California to offer the opportunity to meet face-to-face and to exchange the latest information and to network with colleagues. As the joint meeting has been held once every seven years, in the intervening years a joint symposium has been held with a smaller number of presentations by narrowing the thematic focus. The last joint symposium was held in 2018 at Kobe-Gakuin University, Kobe, Japan during the 57th JOCS Annual Meeting.

  In the coming Joint Meeting 2022, JOCS and AOCS members will present 35 speeches. Session subjects are as follows.